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Honda CB1300S

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Pipsqueak, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Morning all,

    Bought a 2008 CB1300S from Northside Motorcycles in Artarmon a month ago. Nice folks. Have bought a couple of bikes off them and had bikes serviced there.

    First time on a litre plus motor as I no longer wanted to rev a motor to get performance from it (Street Triple). Yes, I am obviously old. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Screen gave me a bit of windblast so I ordered a Puig screen from BRspecialtuning.co.uk which arrived promptly in Australia a week later (and incidentally two thirds of the cost of a local purchase and without the 6 week delay I was quoted from the Puig distributor here. Come on Oz, get your act together. I don't mind paying a bit more but receiving quick service in Oz but object to both delay and cost).

    Removing the existing screen was a little nerve wracking as when you remove the mirrors and screws at the front of the fairing it is still a wriggle to get the old screen clear of the lugs that hold it in place.

    Anyway ten minutes of effort and it was out. New one went in easy. I never saw the stated rubber damping mounts that are on the manual picture and meant to hold the screen in place. I replaced the screen without them and thought if it buzzes I will loosen it up and silicone the screen in.

    Took it for a ride and it sweeps the air over 6 foot me better then the original but I find you still need earplugs.
    Interestingly I had a noticeable buzz and vibration at 3,000 revs when accelerating with the old screen and this has entirely disappeared. So an added benefit.

    Hope this helps any future screen installers.
  2. Nice bike. I had a 2006 model for 5 years and 60,00ks. No problems with the screen but I'm only 5'9".

    Great bike for long, easy rides. I did a couple of over 700k days on it in the time I had it.

    My problem was that I could never get me and the bike to corner on the real twisty stuff until I'd had it for over 3 years. It was a confidence thing on my part.

    A pair of Pirelli Angel tyres made a huge difference after the Pilot Road 2 tyres wore out.

    Don't lose the key. I also couldn't find the spare key after a house move. Replacing the barrel and a getting a new key costs over $2K. Lucky my insurance covered it.
  4. Pipsqeak are you able to tell how much the new screen cost, looking at doing the same to my 2008.