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Honda CB1100F close to production

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/N...y/jul0209-honda-cb1100f-closer-to-production/

  2. thats a hot bike.
  3. That's a beauty! Seat dosen't look too comfy, though.
  4. Nice clean lines, not exactly pretty but it's always nice to see a new naked about.
  5. Nice! Carbon fibre bolts, that'll be expensive. Hopefully this bodes well for the CB1100R...
  6. So much to like about that design. The gold highlights and the faux Comstar wheels bring back echoes of the original CB1100R.

    But the news DOES come from MCN....
  7. MCN's need for copius use of salt aside, the 1100F is pretty close to a given according to a number of sources. I prefer it to the R, which looks all kinds of odd from a number of angles.

    If you look at those CGI colour versions in that last link you can get an idea of size from it's proportion to the (assumed) 17" wheels. Going on that, it's not a large bike at all.

    With Honda's quality of finish I reckon the red one would look ticketty-boo in the flesh.

    We'll probably find out this and other stuff in Spring as usual.
  8. I love everything about this bike. Ever since I saw the pictures from that show where they displayed the prototypes, I wanted one...

    I just hope that in keeping with the 'retro' theme they stuck to simple analogue instruments and resisted the temptation to use some stupid LCD gizmo (yes CB1000R, I'm looking at you!)
  9. I foresee at least one problem, mostly associated with inadequate computer modelling. Has anyone noticed that the exhaust system looks very UN-ECOIII? I can't see a simple system like that, attractive and functional though it is, ever being able to pass the current regs. It looks almost identical to the gorgeous bunch of bananas on the original 400/4.

    But that was 1977. I hope I'm wrong, though.

    Pity they haven't gone for USD's, and it's nice to see a bike with a proper rear mudguard setup too.

    Overall, I love it.
  10. I was thinking exactly the same in terms of the exhaust, as my dad had a 400/4 way back, looks good, eh? As for the USD forks, if the Ducati GT1000 can have them...

    I would have liked to see something along the lines of Brembo for the brakes and hopefully they slap on descent suspension.

    If its the same gearbox as the CB1300, then only 5 speed?
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. I love the retro look, but I hope that the running gear is 21st Century. Unfortunately, things like exhaust systems are going to be a problem.

    Still, stick a little "bug-catcher" screen on this and it would make an ideal all-rounder bike, I reckon. If it does end up with a 5 speed box, I don't think that would be too much of a problem as it should be an ultr-torquey engine anyway.
  12. I remember first seeing a pic of it in late '07 "Two Wheels" magazine and thinking she's a beauty. I know it's not to everyones tastes but I think it looks stunning. Would love to see it reach our shores.
  13. Where did you get the idea it will use gearbox from CB1300? I only see a reference to crankcases from CB1300R.
  14. I hope it has relatively basic running gear, average brakes and suspension, so it's cheap.
  15. Crap! Stuffed up, apologies!
  16. I don't hope it's got average brakes and suspension, because that's more to spend improving it. I hope they're good, because Honda is a dab hand at making those things work well on cheaper bikes like the most recent Hornet 600.

    Simple, fun and with good handling and go - I don't see why it can't be all those things at a decent (but not cheap) price. In fact it really needs to be, otherwise there's not much point. Purely on retro appeal it likely won't sell big numbers (though probably very much the case in the U.S. where they get very few nakeds), unless it's simply a very good bike in it's own right.

    That appears to be the aim - a thoroughly modern motorcycle that captures the essence of riding, with some styling cues to suit, rather than a cheap old soft, heavy design with fuel injection and other minor things tacked on over the years.

    The best of the old with the the best of the new - if they manage that they've got a winner.
  17. I live on a couple of US forums and it's amazing how many good bikes that we get here never even get imported into the States. I mean it's one of the biggest markets in the world (OK, apart from China) but they refuse to market their whole range there. Weird.
  18. Really? What are some examples? Would think the US would have got everything AUS got
  19. Well, for a start, they don't get either of the Hornets. And they're not getting the new 1000 naked bike, either.
  20. So, are you going to get one as an upgrade Phil?