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Honda CB1000R or Yamaha FZ1N/FZ1S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lui, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. What's your opinion on these 2 bikes? The CB1000R is 2 grand dearer but it's slightly newer (1st gen since 2008, which means unlikely to see major change next year), the FZ1 is the 2nd gen from 2006 (3rd gen may be on the way).

    Do you think ABS is a good option to have (adds another grand)? What about wind screen for highway (unlike FZ1S, CB1000R doesn't have that option unless go after market)?

    Are all after market exhaust legal for on road use (in NSW)? I found the factory exhaust sounds very weak, it's probably the first thing need upgrading.


  2. They're both pretty good. Get whatever you like the look/feel of.

    None of them are.
  3. by a busa!

    seriously, buy the one that you like.
  4. I'd be buying the bike that has ABS, and make that at least one of the boxes that needs to be ticked.

    Basically, the Yam is more sporty and the Honda more cruisey.

    Both have after-market pipes that will make them sound better and, as an unintended consequence, also save you a heap of weight (this is called "adding lightness")

    I'd buy the Honda, but don't expect an unbiased suggestion from me.
  5. I like Hondas, but I think of these two I'd probably get the FZ1N. The Honda might be slightly better in terms of suspension but the FZ looks beaut and I don't think the price difference is justified.
  6. I have to agree with Loz, the price tag was major factor in stopping me from trading my 8 month old 900 Hornet on a new CB1000R. A fun bike, but the price tag at the moment just does not match the bike that it is, in my opinion. I just felt that I couldn't equate the bike to the price tag.

    Check out:

    I would seriously look at the FZ1N, which I regret not test riding before buying the H9.

    The FZ1 also has more horses that the CB1R. I hear what you are saying about a possible new FZ1 release in the near future...
    Maybe someone can comment on the typical run of a generation FZ1, how long befre we see the next FZ1?

    Test ride both!
  7. I haven't seen the two back to back, but the new cb1000r seems an amazingly small bike for the capacity. I didn't think that of the Yam.

    way that against the fact that Honda will probably discount the bike heavily in 9 month time when they don't sell any because of the high price.

    We've had debates about the merits of ABS on bikes a few times now. I personally would want the bike cheaper if it had ABS.
  8. Yeah, FZ1 looks bigger, even the little brother FZ6 looks big.
  9. The CB is a very small bike for a 1000. And it has a very good seat/bars and seat height proportion too. In fact, back-to-back testing showed that it actually has a slightly lower seat height than the new'ish 600 Hornet which seems remarkable.
  10. Its an absolute weapon for the twisty stuff. I had a blast on one, having at least a solids hour's play in serious windy roads up here. It just flicks into and through corners like greased lightning!
  11. Interestingly a work colleague walked into my office half an hour after I posted yesterday and commented on a test ride of the Honda. He rides a speed tripple. He said he really enjoyed the Honda. For 10 minutes. Then got bored.

    He's looking for a new bike and is favouring the tiger at the moment.

    Take it all with a grain of salt however, as he's had a few Hinkleys now.
  12. I saw a new CB sitting next to an FZ on the weekend. I didn't like the CB look at first, but I'm amazed at how just a couple of add-ons (the right accessory screen, a tidy exhaust) and the right colour (black) turns this machine into an absolute stunner.
    Not only was nobody looking at the FZ, but they weren't even gathered around the full carbon-bodied 1098 sitting a few metres away.

    Reports are that the CB has a great motor with outstanding midrange. I've surprised myself by deciding that there is a Honda I'm interested in, after all.
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  13. Apparently the CB1000R goes through fuel at an alarming rate....
    More than the CBR1000RR, even though it's detuned.
  14. The new CB1000 looks good whereas the FZ1 looks bulky and untidy YMMV :p
  15. I've been looking around for a bit and noticed how over priced CB1000R is. Maybe I will end up with sometime totally different.
  16. Had a bit of a hoon on a CB1000R yesterday. I think it's a brilliant bike. Does it all, no fuss. Steers and handles great (springs and damping were too soft for me but it's all adjustable), brakes are beaut, and the engine is pure Honda - totally linear and has plenty of go up top. Wheelies brilliantly, stoppies, well, the road was a bit wet so I didn't push it too far. Probably my favourite of the bikes I rode yesterday.

    But I found myself yearning for the pure grunt of the Fireblade I rode 15 minutes before - and there's no reason why it shouldn't have the rest of that power.

    I also think it looks silly, and I find it depressing that stupid cosmetic shit like the single-sided swinger have bumped the price up to CBR1000RR money. What's the point? Buy an 06 blade, you can get em for like $13K, and streetfighter it.