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Honda CB 400 Super Four Revo parts

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Hot Wheels, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Hello all and good day/evening to you!
    I am new to this forum and am proud to be a member of this community. I hope I get the chance to give back what I am able to receive from here. :) I just bought a 2009 Honda CB 400 Super Four Revo with only 7,000 kilometers on the clock based on how many people have fallen in love with this motorcycle all over the world! I currently live in Vietnam where parts for "bigger" moto bikes are quite limited. I can buy parts in Hanoi near me, however they the shops are very expensive. I realize this is just how the ball bounces and can accept that to some extent. I do have a couple questions however if I may.

    Firstly, does anyone know of any good websites I can order parts from? Websites some of you have had success with? I have tried searching online, however it really has gotten frustrating has the year for my bike is generally never included in what's available. I would really like to buy basic parts online from the comfort of my own home if possible. I don't mind paying extra for international shipping. :)

    Second, I would be more than grateful to know what previous years are more or less compatible with a 2008/2009. Basically all of the parts I see online have a cut off year of 1996 etc...years in the 90's. I have spend countless hours trying to figure this stuff out and get nowhere. My girlfriend I am sure is growing tired playing Bejewled as I scour the internet before going to bed. Hahaha. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

    Best Regards
    Brandon :]
  2. Hi, a cb400 must seem like a monster bike in Vietnam. Some of the cb400 guys here will have better advice for you.

    For me, when you search online for parts the american sites float to the top and in the us smaller bikes are limited.

    I assume youved searched with the term".jp" in your search?
  3. I've been to Vietnam twice this year and the CB400 would look like a monster compared to the average bike/scooter!

    Japan is where these bikes are made and also seems to be the best place to get parts but America can be a good source too as stated above. What kind of parts are you looking for?
    2008 is the first of the newer generation so pre 2008 stuff is a little different with some exceptions.
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    Thank you for your help in trying to help me. I hadn't tried that however now I know I must designate exactly how and where to search online. :)

    Congratulations on making it to Vietnam. What a beautiful country right? I bet you had a ton of fun while you were here. :D What brought you to Vietnam? Where did you go/what did you do? Gotta love the food/beer and coffee here! Plan on coming back?

    Yes the 400 is a beast compared to everything here. Realistically it really isn't very practical, however it is still super fun to misbehave here and there. I plan to do some touring on it soon as well. It's great to have the extra power to bolt out of the way when need be. You've seen how the traffic is here.....0.o It's quite dangerous driving here. I feel wayyyyy safer on the 400 compared my little Honda Future 125. I sorely missed my Honda cbr 600 I had when I was still living in the states. I don't make it a habit to speed, however it's easy to do sometimes on this bike and it's funny because since I've owned this bike, I have suddenly become immune to the police trying to pull me over. They have small 125 scooters and what appear to be Honda 250 rebels they patrol on. They know they have no chance to do anything so they generally don't even bother even giving me eye contact. Hahaha. I am basically looking for just basic parts, brake pads, plugs, plug wires, clutch cable, filter etc... the basic stuff. I wish I could order tires online, but it seems as though that is not possible considering their size....:-(
  5. Thank you so much fror posting that link Steve Vtec. I totally let out a sigh of relief after navigating around the site you sent me. :) For a bike that has such a huge calling I would have thought there would be more websites out there offering parts for it. For the older models as well as updated ones as well. At any rate, you rock that's the bottom line here. Hahaha. :)
  6. I just went to Vietnam for work so nothing too exciting, I did make it to Ha Long though so that was cool. Food is pretty awesome there, most of the stuff I've had here was terrible in comparison.
    All I can say is I would not want to ride a bike over there, the whole time I was there I did not see a single head check and somehow everyone survived.

    In Australia it is a bit easier to get regular maintenance parts from local motorcycle dealers and there are a few good webshops which serve the Australian market. As said above I would try ebay first and if you want to bling up your ride you can try the japanese shop Steve suggested.

    Good luck!
  7. Next time work decides to throw you a bone again and sends you to Vietnam, send me a message. Who knows perhaps we can meet up for a beer or something if you happen to be in the north again. :) As far as head checks go, yes, they seem to be virtually non existent. There is no shortage of idiots on two wheels here. I used to question weather it was simply ignorance or stupidity when I first came. I came to the conclusion of stupidity quite quickly obviously.

    Steve was right in how he used simply CB 400 minus the Revo, Vtech, Super four etc. It turns up much more. I have also come across some other sites finally that have been helpful for anyone else that may stumble across this post in the future.
    amcmotorcycles dot com
    advancedperformanceaccessories dot com
    croooober dot com
    davidsilverspares dot com /CB400F-SUPER-SPORT-FOUR/
    wemoto dot com /bikes/honda/cb_400_sf_f2v_superfour_japan_nc31/96/