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Honda CB 350

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by shagger, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Pulled up behind this learner (Who was a cool dude btw) on an old school CB350.

    Great to see.

    Thought I might post as it's not often you see this bike with a cool dude. !
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  2. Nice! good to see its kept original and not all cafed up or chopped up.
  3. nice bike and cool dude indeed8-|
  4. did you give him a wristy ?
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  5. I "liked" it.....

    But I hate hipsters.....

    What a strange world.
  6. Ahh yes hipsters ...

    The tight ass pants where the butt kinda sags around the back of their knees, the trusty flanel shirt that screams "i'm an arts student, or I'm so mainstream and following the latest trend but I'm trying my best not to look it", the must have beard and everything that goes along with it!

    Oh yeah and those big 'ol african plates they have jammed in their ears.. wtf man, seriously!! Good luck explaining that fad to your kids.(y)
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  7. and the sexy babes they always seem to have with 'em!!
  8. and what the bloody hell is a "wristy"? that sounds a bit suss to a flanno wearing, bearded old fart, such as my good self
  9. What beard?