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Honda built Sportster knockoff

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kols_kebabs, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Also known as the RS750 shadow.


    Looks like the bees knees, a step back from custom madness. 43hp isn't going to set any pulses alight though.

    It's namesake, the original RS750 was a flat tracker that smoked XR750's for 4 consecutive racing seasons in the 80's until Harley demanded a rule change.

  2. I quite like that... wouldn't buy one myself, but you can see the dirt-tracker in there somewhere. Now Honda just needs to spit out a RS1200 retro-tracker to take on the XR1200 :LOL:
  3. how much

    the 883 is only 12,500 ride away and arent really that bad, the harley will still have the better resale and the edge in performance, being that you can upgrade to 1200cc piss easy and has a read disc...

    but then again, it's a honda, so it will work well be reliable and somewhat ride able
  4. Nice platform for customising. But drums?
  5. I don't think the people that are looking to buy them will worry about HP all that much.

    It'll cost as much as a sportster, have half the charm and 1/10th of the accessories catalogue and like Andrew said - bugger all resale value compared to it.
  6. It's when the second hand ones start appearing in a couple of years that they'll be more attractive.

    Not a bad looking bike though....

  7. Mixed feelings from me. It's good to see a basic bike on the market but there are a lot of buts. The 750 shadow is a bit gutless. 850 would be nicer. I don't mind the rear drum, but that looks like a 16" rear wheel, which is dicky.

    If they decide to match the shadow price wise, that's around $10K, which is not quite cheap enough. Another reason why it should be 850.

    so if they can sell them for about $8,500 I'd be knocking on their door, but otherwise . . . .
  8. A bike with 43hp can be an excellent ride in the real world; that hp rating tells one very little.

    Agreed, it'd have to be quite decently cheaper than the Sportster, otherwise why bother. I doubt it'd be any better mechanically, and certainly not in any other way. Maybe a 650 LAMS version would be the better option.