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Honda Building "Production Racer" CRT Version Of RC213V MotoGP Bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Seedy, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. interesting article from Motomatters...


  2. Maybe one step closer to a new sporting V4 road model.
  3. now THAT would be fun. I can almost hear the growl.
  4. the rc30 (well, succesor) is coming back :D,
    hopefully they will sell a production version (would be hideosly expensive though:()
  5. Spares prices would be the stuff of nightmares.......:shock:
  6. garantee someone in europe will road register it anyway....
  7. It's taking a while, but it seems that the MCN's prediction of Honda releasing an RVF1000 seems to be getting more likely... I've been waiting for the prediction to come true for quite a while, so maybe it might only be another three or four years away... ;)
  8. If that does come true, I'll sell my body.

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  9. 3 or 4 years? gives us time to start saving, or pimping the wife out.
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  10. Nice. Does anyone know where is the best spot in St Kilda to earn $$?
  11. Sorry, but I'm not giving away the secret location of my best turff...
  12. History tells us its probably the St Kilda Football Club......
  13. which funnily enough has been in moorabbin for the last 50+ years, and now seaford :)
  14. Biaggi uses 2 engines per weekend... shizer
    wouldn't that be cool, blow an engine, no worry, get your mechanic to put in a new one while
    you get a BJ from your groupies

    CRT sucks mens anus

    One of the commentators on GP said the CRT teams would rather stick with what they
    already have because the honda is too expensive