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Honda Bros 400cc (now with pics)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bundy, May 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    looking for a first bike and have one advertised here locally.

    Anybody seen or heard much about a Honda Bros.

    This one is 400cc, is a 1988 model and seems to be in pretty good nick with only 16k on the clock.

    I think it is an import, so what would parts availability be like?


  2. Definitely an import and is just a smaller displacement version of the 650 Bros which basically went on to become the Revere, and then the Deauville (both of which were sold here).
    Most engine parts should therefore be easy enough to get, especially since that engine was also used in other Honda models including the Transalp. Major achilles heel of the model however is the nut attaching the rear wheel to the single-sided swingarm - which is easily damaged when trying to remove the wheel (and not something easy to fix or replace).
    Was never a popular bike when new though since it had the frame/suspension of a sportsbike, but the engine of a dual-sport. Quite popular in the UK though as couriers since the low-powered engine does make them quite reliable and long-lasting.
    16k in 20 years means the odometer is either false, or the bike has been sitting for long period of time without being ridden. Either way it's likely to have problems - not a reason not to buy, but definitely a reason to get it checked out if you don't know what you're looking for.
  3. thanks jd,

    can anybody speculate if the engine on this thing would be the same as the cb400 lovingly ( :p ) referred to in this post https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=52589 by PatB

    Seller says he bought it off a riding school 18 months ago with bugger all km's, and has put 12k on it since then

  4. No it's not the bros is a V Twin, I nearly bought a 650 a while ago (Where's the emoticon for kicking my self???). I read that the Bros never sold well because it was nearly as expensive as the CBR at the time...
  5. So this bike could be an option if the price and condition were right. (would get it checked by a mechanic if I were to buy it)

    I would expect to pay around $1800 - $2000 depending on its condition, he currently has a few more hundred on it than that. Am I being realistic???

    This is the bike


  6. At 2k thats a hell of a lot of bike.
  7. maybe low $2k's then...... he had $2700 on it on egay with no bids, might contact him or wait till it appears in the local rag and see what he has on it then


  8. I do have to compare it to a 250 as a starters bike though,

    I could grab a GPX250 with low km's and 10 years younger for the same money.

    Totally different class of bike I know but still has to be considered


  9. I've ridden a Bros and have a friend who did 40,000km on one
    and another friend who owned one for 10,000km. They
    are a pretty sweet small bike to ride, the twin is a friendly motor
    with a smooth power curve and a nice feel. It has enough power
    to do freeway every day.
    The balance is nice, size is really chuckable, handling is great
    (once you do an easy fix to the soggy forks that most small bikes have).
    It was utterly reliable for my friend except for one very rare completely
    random failure (broke a carburettor needle!). He got one from the UK
    in the end.

    2000-2300 is cheap for one if it is in good shape.

    16,000 in 15 years or so is a typical mileage for an
    ex-japan import that has not been
    ridden much in Japan. That is often why the bikes are imported
    to Aus (because we know they're not worn out yet, but the Japanese
    only see "15 y.o. bike" and won't buy it).

    One of the best grey imports for general riding I think.
  10. Different class in terms of capacity but in terms of power output the 400 Bros is the same as a GPX - as I said before it is a low-spec engine.
    On the plus side though the Bros does have more torque, and is a hell of a lot more distinctive than a GPX. If you like the look of the Bros I say go for it, 2k is a very good price for what you're getting.
  11. I kind of think of them as the big brother of the Spada - Honda v-twins of similar vintage.

    i think it'd be an excellent bike, if it's in excellent condition. Absolutely postively get it checked over by a qualified, reliable mechanic before laying your money down - depending on how good it is it could be a fantastic introduction to riding or a small slice of hell.
  12. they are a very nice bike in my opinion, bordering on exotica, not too many of them around, and very distinctive.

    JD, not sure where you get your info from, but the couple of guys i have spoken to who own them said parts are a pain in the buttocks to procure.

    you wouldnt buy one of these if you wanted a "fast" lams bike. they put out in the region of 38-40PS and weight almost 170kgs dry, but a sports bike was not in the design breif, get a RVF400 if thats your ticket.

    the engine design is definately different, a 45 degree (dont qoute me on that) liquid cooled V twin with OHC, 3 valves per cylinder, apperently fairly common in the 80's, rare as hens teeth now.
  13. Like most grey imports it usually depends what you ask for. Go in looking for an oil filter for a NT400 Bros and they'll probably tell you they can't get one. But find the part code for the filter, or another bike which used the same part, and it makes things a lot easier.
    It's exactly what I did for my 250 Katana, but it does usually involve quite a bit of trawling through badly translated Japanese websites to find part codes.
  14. Fortunately there is a bit of a following for these in the UK so at least you can get some info in English.

    Yes the top horsepower might be similar to a GPX (I thought it was a
    bit more) but the BIG difference in torque means you can ride
    comfortably at MUCH lower rpm and the acceleration is therefore
    quicker and a lot easier.
    Yes it does feel like a bigger stronger VTR250/Spada, and that is
    high praise.
  15. Yeah I think it's 1-2 hp more than the GPX - but the point is it's not in the same league as the 50 or so hp of some other Japanese 400s.
    Not meant as a criticism though, in many ways a low output engine has many advantages - which is why I was considering buying one at one point. They aren't that much bigger than a Spada though, which means they are still quite a small bike (too small for my liking). Unfortunately I was never able to find a 650 for sale to compare with the 400 (not entirely sure if they use the same frame or not).
  16. When bike shopping last year I took one of these on a long test ride. A great bike; in terms of performance it has more than enough power as far as I'm concerned. Opening it up from the lights with a bit of spirit - but not too much - I hit 70km/hr at the other side of a small intersection, so the acceleration is very good in real world terms.

    HP is hardly the only consideration in terms of real riding; my 500cc SR500 produces 34hp - less than many 250s - but the way it feels as it produces its power is very different and much more engaging than any 250.
  17. It has a bit more than a GPX then, While they are quoted at 36 its more like 28-30 in the real world.
    Still, A bit of torque goes a long way, Would prefer more down low than more up top.
  18. Thanks for the info and discussion guys,

    its all a bit theoretical now because he sold it over the weekend

    so the search continues.......