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Honda blackbirds xx

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 99sydrd, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. I took a 05 blackbird (20,000 kilometres on it) for a test ride about 30mins, i noticed it was runnig real hot on the right hand side. The temp digital guage reading was 110-120c , i could feel the heat on the right hand side as i was riding it as well. I was not in traffic either.

    Once i got back i left the bike idioling the electric fan was running but didnt bring the temp down.

    The day was'nt that hot outside around 24 degrees.

    In fact the right hand side of the fairing was that hot you could not touch it.

    I was going to buy it but this put me right off as there's no warranty.

    Is this normal for this model or is the motor had it? The saleman wasnt quite sure either.

    My 650 never runs hot like that even in peak hour traffic.
  2. I wont comment on the overheating, as don't know what Blackbirds run at :?

    But from a NSW dealer, you're being scammed....

    Second-hand motorcycles (capable of being registered in New South Wales, that have travelled less than 30,000kms, and are less than 5 years old at the time of sale) are covered by a statutory warranty of 3,000kms or 3 months after sale (whichever occurs first).

    Source - Fair Trading
  3. I have an 00 'bird which has analog instruments. So I can't comment on the values that you're seeing. But 110 degs does sound around the figures that I've heard from those who do own the later models.

    As for the right side being hotter I get that too. But I've never noticed if the fairing is too hot to touch.

    Perhaps you can take a couple of others for test rides to compare.

    Whatever, a B'bird with 20,000km on the clock is barely run in. Unless the previous owner(s) treated it poorly then it should be fine.

    If you're keen on this particular bike perhaps a friend who has one can come along for a look at it?

    Failing that if you're buying a bike of this vintage then I would probably look in the private sellers' market. They'll be cheaper. There's no benefit at all from buying used bikes that are out of warranty from a dealer.
  4. The Blackbirds run hot when they are'nt ripping along as their design brief envisaged. :)

    Expect to see anything from 100-110 on any regualr day of mederate weather.
    If it gets really hot and you are'nt moving, then you'll see 115 or higher.

    The RH leg will get hot as well as the left foot. :)

    These are a HYPER-SPORT...built for high altitude screaming.
  5. thanks for replies, good info .

  6. I've a busa that has a similar heat feature. It's a pretty unique and specially designed feature that gives you 2nd degree burns in summer and yet has absolutely no warmth value whatsoever in winter. Magic!
  7. Big faired bikes in traffic/slower speeds don't work too well. My blade doesn't realise its been turned on until about 100kmh :grin:
  8. ^ BING!

    ...that design breif being something like 'Lets sell something to the Germans...something to challenge their K series. Something big, and really really fast. Loads of power and tourque...yeah!'

    So naturally, autobahning along...they should be fine. Its the traffic that'll cook you. Damn restrictive speed limits, I swear we should be able to do at least the ton! Not that any bike I've ridden has been able to get there, although my cage will. Just :)

    - boingk