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Honda Blackbird - Difference between EFI & NON-EFI model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brenton, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Thinking of getting a blackbird and I am not sure if there is much
    difference between the 1998 model which is non-EFI and the 1999+ models which are EFI.

    What are peoples experiences?

    I havent ridden either types yet so I will do so over the next week. I
    commute about 80Kms each day to work and most of that is sitting between 40 & 70 Km/h in peak hour traffic (Monash Fwy) so I need a bike that can handle low speeds well.

    Whats peoples thoughts?

  2. There is a member here, goes by "midnight", that you might PM and see if he can help.
  3. Thanks Deyago, will do.
  4. Unfortunately I dont have enough posts yet :(

  5. I'm here young Jake . Unfortunatly Brenton i dont know about the models before they had EFI . Have had my bird now for 8 months . I travel 105 kms a day (mostly on the ring road) . If ur after a sportstourer then the bird is the way to go ( im sure others will disagree ) but i guess im being bias with my thoughts . A good person to ask would be nev , he has owned quite a few birds . Since u dont have ur post count up i'll send him a PM for u .
  6. Thanks midnight.

    Its sports tourer for me all the way.