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Honda Bike reviews after HART test track rides

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Freedom MC, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I work at Freedom Motorcycles Brookvale and had the pleasure of spending some time at HART Sydney recently. Their manager Rod, accompanied me while I test rode a selection of Honda’s bikes and scooters. Hart has their own private 2km test track which are used for their training.

    Here are a few comments I have on the key Honda models I rode:

    SH300 (scooter)

    The SH300i was very smooth, quiet, well balanced, compact and the large wheels provided good stability and handling. This bike would make the perfect city companion whether it be for commuting, weekends and even short freeway riding

    CB400 (learner legal)

    This bike was an excellent all-rounder, it has timeless style, enough power to keep both a learner and experienced smiling and was compact and lightweight. The VTEC technology gives you the best of low down 2-valve power, and high end 4-valve power, plus the optional ABS brakes are a great option to have.


    The VFR800 has plenty of low and mid-range torque, an excellent riding position and eye catching sports styling. Its extremely versatile and would make an ideal commuting or touring bike and comfortably accommodates a pillion. Key features include the VTEC variable valve timing for optimum low, mid and top end power as well as the dual combined linked brakes for easier, safer braking.


    The VFR1200 is a bike of the highest class and felt like every dollar it sells for. It has huge amounts of power and torque across the rev range. It offers a very comfortably riding position and its ABS braking is fantastic. The maintenance free shaft drive takes the sting out of the servicing costs, not to mention the bike has a unique and stylish design. This bike also has the option of an automatic dual clutch transmission and plenty of optional accessories.


    After having spent a couple of hours riding sportier style bikes, getting onto the VT750S was a walk in the park. It has a low seat height, wide and high handle bars which equate to a very relaxed riding position. The V-twin 750cc engine comfortably had me travelling up to freeway speeds with minimal fuss. The styling and finish are spot on.

  2. In before the unsolicited-commercial-advertising / :spam: thread deletion. ;)
  3. dang... i would have sworn this guy was'nt a salesman

  4. When you say, "comfortably accommodates a pillion", did you, yourself, actually sit on the back while someone else steered? :p

    EDIT: Ah! Foiled by the "not-reading through-all-replies-before posting" paradox again!
  5. I'm sold.

    Gonna buy two of each.