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Honda Betters Its Best With New VFR800F

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, May 15, 2014.

  1. Honda engineers faced a tough job when it came to develop the 2014 Honda VFR800F - how could they make one of the most acclaimed motorcycles of all time ... better? The bike that had captured an enormous following right around the world for 12 years c...

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  2. Yep,

    Got a Gen6 VFR800 and am quite happy with it. It looks that Honda has listened to riders and corrected a few things to make a great bike even better. The price is similar to what the previous model (Gen 6s) were selling for. Ride reports from overseas have also been very positive I may need to test ride one.
  3. Talked to my local Honda dealer today, he said mid-June and $15,600+ORC
  4. It's up on the Honda Australia web-site now.....
  5. Sat on one and had a general crawl-over yesterday, it looks a lot better in the metal than it does in pictures, and manages to look a lot smaller, though I doubt it is..
  6. I had a look at one in person yesterday, man, does it look beautiful! And the quality of fit and finish on the bike, it is absolutely first class. Honda really did hit the mark this time around.
  7. Looking at it side by side with the old model it's noticeably slimmer.
  8. Had a look yesterday while i was at PS Adelaide . Very classy looking , nice and slim as a V4 should be. Only negatives - traction control switch looks tacked on like an afterthought ; and being picky , the remote preload adjuster knob positioned on the left hand side behind the pillion footrest , but above the chain , could end up getting covered in chain lube fling.