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News Honda Announces New Grom and Australian Release

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. The little bike that could which has received somewhat of a cult following is finally making its way to Australia. It’s been a number of years since the bike first debuted in Thailand (where it’s known as the MSX125) and riders in the USA have also been enjoying it for a while now but Aussies will get to buy the bike through official Honda dealerships by mid-2016.

    But also of interest is that Honda in Thailand concurrently announced the release of a ‘premium’ Grom – the MSX125SF. According to Honda Thailand, the MSX125SF comes with new LED headlight and light blue positioning LED line (no, I don’t know what that means either), new full digital meter, new down type muffler, new airplane tank cap, new flip key, and upside down shock absorber.

    For Australians, the full press release from Honda is extremely short on detail, only divulging that the Grom will be available in Burning Red, Hyper Yellow and Eclipse Black when it hits Australian shores later this year. The images provided also show the new MSX125SF variant – but we’re not sure if that particular version or the standard Grom will make its way to Australia. Nor do we know of the ‘premium’ Grom will make it to the US or UK either.

    No word on pricing yet but given how sharply Honda priced the new Africa Twin, we’re optimistic it will come in at a reasonable price.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Now this looks good :) but what chance is it of coming in at a realistic price (US$2,999)

    Compared to the average 2014 Naked Bike, the Grom:
    • Is $9,000 cheaper at $2,999
    • Has a 696cc smaller engine at 125cc
    • Is 19% less efficient with a compression ratio of 9.30:1
    • Is 203 lbs lighter wet at 225 lbs
  3. Ideal commuter....
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  4. I'd buy

    Want to know what can be done on a grom?
    Check the boys at Motorcyclist magazine
  5. Yeah the dék waén like these bikes in Thailand. (if they have parents with money)
  6. I don't quite understand the grom cult following, but I will go check one out when they get to Aus anyway to try and figure out what it is all about!
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  7. Canada.. CB300F = $4800RRP+, Grom = $3400 RRP+
    Aus, CB300F = $6400 ride away, so Grom may be around... $4500-5000 ride away?

    expensive for a "branded" bogan pitbike :D

    100mm ain't much travel when you weigh about the same as the bike..
  8. Bit more. I predict $4,900 for bike + ORC.
  9. Thai price (where they're made) is $2800 plus on roads.
  10. Honda is calling it a pocket 'rocket' - hahahahahahahahahha
  11. They kinda remind me of these.

  12. first time in ages that a release seems to come with decent pricing in Australia
  13. Plenty of add on bling and farkles you can get for the Grom on US websites.
  14. introductory pricing to undercut the current importer.. then price goes up in July, but to what?

    intro price = $4K
    importer price = $6K (?)

    final price, more like 5?
  15. still a good price for a change even if its only for awhile
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  16. Geez they look like so much fun!!!
  17. Will have to take the Missus in to sit on one, she's doing here Pre-learners course this weekend and she's 50 kg wringing wet so a little bike like the grom would be a great place to start for her. The CB125 is still just big enough to be a little intimidating for her but the grom might be just that little bit more compact and 33 kg lighter.
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