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Honda 954 Fireblade. Wicked

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jack_17, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Is it just me or is this THE best looking bike out there?


    This bike looks awesome. Looks like ive found what i want when my restrictions are gone 8)

    Anybody else have opinions?
  2. If someone wants to park one of these in my driveway, I can PM my address........
  3. Re: 954. WICKED

    They are a great bike, and IMHO are the best looking of the 'Blades. We have the same colour scheme as your pic.

    They do have quite a forward seating position which can put a fair bit of weight on your wrists in standard trim, but I have been able to do a decent ride distance on itwithout too much concern. My wife rides it every day to and from work so commuting isn't too bad either.

    Also, Micron cans give them a great bark. :D
  4. great bikes :D i'd even say the best looking of all the recent litrebikes. VERY solid bikes, my neighbor stunts one and it holds up to some things you wouldn't beleive a bike can live through :shock:

    being that i ride a ZX7R, i think the position is quite comfy :LOL: but the seat is deadly, i think i've sat on softer concrete :?

    good solid reliable bike, just be careful coming off a ZZR, it has just a wee bit more kanackers than that :LOL:
  5. I used to ride behind one of them and admire the view. Mind you the bike was hot looking too :p :p Ahh the memories =P~ =P~
  6. My pick of the 'blades. They got that model right. 8)

    maybe cause that one looks like a "Bumble Bee"
  8. Seems a year or two outdated to me.
  9. Yyyyyeahhhh

    I like the underseat exhaust thing. I'll take Matt232's.
  10. And funnily enough that's the name our bike has thanks to our son. :D
  11. But far better looking. The new ones are pig ugly!
  12. Too slow :cry: :cry:
    Useless on dirt...
    panniers look shocking on it...
    heated grips are a pain to install due to little space in the front...
    17" front wheel disappears in potholes....
    Groberts would LOVE a topbox on that one...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. This from someone who owns a yellow bike. :p :D
  14. Yellow *AND* black thankyou very much :p

    Anyway, it's the other half that has the yellow bike. Mine's silver.

  15. I'm guessing thats one of those god awful VTRs? :p