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Honda 900cc Hornet Anybody?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ametha elf, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. After almost a full year bikeless, my husband is now in a position to get himself a bike at long last. He is keen on a Honda 900 Hornet. I can tell how popular they are by the numbers I see out and about. Does anyone on here have one? Are they as good as they seem to be? He is buying one mid December.

  2. I have a 600 hornet. Great bike. I've heard the 900 is very competent. Strong torquey motor. bulletproof. Decent handling, but slightly boring. I reckon it is what you make of it though. motorcycling is alot more exciting when you're not in a cloud of steam at the side of the road.
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  3. i got the 900, I am still 'learning' not license wise, but still trying to upskill my riding, bikes great from my point of view, fast, reliable all that stuff, ask 'hornet' he has one clocked up over 100 thou on his, still hammers along and the bike too lol
    I put heated grips on mine, would like a screen bigger then the fly screen when going down the highway, mind you, the wind on the chest keeps the speed at bay, they go well, very all indeeedeeeee :)
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  4. So very very true. Thats exactly what happened to his last bike. It was heartbreaking, but all is good now :)
  5. The Hornet is a great all rounder.
    It does most things so well it is boring. Typical Honda really. Nothing wrong with that.
    They do ask a premium over others of equal goodness lol.
    For mine I would go the bandit or the ZRX12. Same axe like reliability, but a bit more competent.
    If his heart is set on the Hornet then I would go the Hornet. He is the one who will be riding it.
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  6. You're asking about the 900 but I'll join the chorus praising the 600. It wasn't my thing, and I find I4s boring, but it was a very fine bike which would have been absolutely loved had I liked fours and been of a more modern sporting nature. As it was I could only admire it - which still says a lot.

    Here's a nice review of the 600. '98 models can be got with low kms for $3.5k in good condition. Indeed I sold mine without rego for $3k (very quickly, unsurprisingly) with a new set of tyres and new chain and sprockets (needed discs for RWC). So the buyer got quite a bargain. So did I, given I'd paid $2750, 25,000km beforehand! :grin:
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  7. I had a 250 one and will probably move onto a 600 when I get my fulls (if I sell the bike I'm on! Not likely haha)
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  8. With all due respect to the 600, stick to the 900, less gear changes, loads of torque. Although you can speed 'faster' when talking about the speed limit, you can dawdle along and just crank it 'being lazy'..
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  9. check out the top reviews section, loz has done a great write up :)
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