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Honda 800 cc V4 MotoGP Bike (No it's not your regular VFR)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. In some late breaking news from the guys at Superbikeplanet.com (Legends), there are some images posted from Hondas 800 cc MotoGP debut at Motegi. Confirmed to be a V4 and it looks TINY!!


    Danni Pedrosa took the first officia spin while Nicky Hayden was busy trying to sort the misbehaving RC211V to save the championship.

  2. Tidy looking bike.
  3. It does look rather small. But I must say I like that exhaust, oh and the tail end and what about all that carbon fibre... if only they didn't paint it. :)

    Nice bike.
  4. So where does the pillion sit?
    I know it's just the photo angle, but it almost looks as though the rear tyre is smaller than the front...
    Killer looking machine though :cool:
  5. Just think this is only the prototype. Honda will tidy it up even more for the start of next season.

    Expect an official debut after Valencia in full Repsol colours.
  6. Looks interesting... but couldn't they have left a little more tail on the thing!
  7. There is something sooo sexy about a streight unpainted carbon fiber fairing.

    The bike looks prety damn small, I am not sure you would be wanting to do more than 25 laps on the thing or you'd do yourself a perminent injury.

    The Buel short Duck Tail is interesting.
    Love the aggresive styleing.
  8. are you sure it's modelled on the VFR ? A defining element of a VFR is a single side swing arm......
  9. The exhaust exits forward of the footpegs??? :shock:
    Man, this thing must rev to stratospheric number for the exhaust to be tuned to such a short pipe!
    As for it being small, well, maybe they built it around Senor Pedrosa! :LOL:
  10. Yes, my thoughts too, it's Pedrosa-tiny, isn't it??

    As far as revs are concerned, Honda have more than 40 years expertise in that; their 5 cylinder 125 in 1966 revved to 25,000 and had at least a 7 speed gerabox......
  11. I hope that's not the completed bike.

    I've seen better works of art left tightly coiled on the lawn.
  12. Cool bike - be nice to have for an afternoon of fun :p

    So why are the front disks not drilled and the rear one is??
  13. Hello Toecutter my fellow Aprilia riding friend.

    They don't cross drill the front discs as carbon rotors work much better hot. This is also the reason the switch to 'old school' steel rotors when the weather turns bad.

    You often see the running carbon shrouds over the rotors at Phillip Island were they have trouble retaining heat into the carbon. (Windy high speed circuit with only two really hard braking points).
  14. The bike seems to be missing bits of fairing and that tail piece is way too short...still...*carbon dream*
  15. Thanks for the explanation VtrElmarco
  16. I don't think that vtrelmarco was implying that it's based on a vfr, simply that it's an 800cc V4...

    There are plenty of earlier VFR models that use conventional swingarms; all models have V4 engines.

    Honda's 800cc MoToGP bike was always going to be a V4, they were the main manufacurer pushing for the 800cc capacity since they can (conveniently) lop a cylinder off their current 990cc V5, and retain some of their engine (piston) tooling.

    Nice bike.
  17. Thanks Cammo. the VFR comment was very much tongue in cheek.

    I think you are right about simply dropping a cylinder from the bank of three at the front of the Honda motors.

    Keep your similar tooling, and stick with a bore/stroke ratio that provides an excellent liner power curve. Just simply (Ha Ha!!) up the rev limit to regain lost horsepower. And since running conventional valve springs, they always have the option of installing pnumatic valve systems (From F1 technology) to add an addition 46 billion revs at red line.

    The other team to watch will be Ducati, as I believe they already have the most test miles on the new 800 cc bike, and it looks the most sorted at the moment. Should be a tops season if Yamaha can be competitive with there 800 cc as well.