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Honda 250 Spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by aus_dragon, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, I have been reading through this site for a few weeks now and have gotten the riding bug again and decided it was high time I finally got my license (now 27 married with kids and wanted a bike for about 15 years)

    I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on the Honda 250 Spada, if anyone has learnt on this bike or owned one etc.

    I have never seen these bikes before, untill the other day when I saw one for sale and was quite taken by it. I have done a little research on it and it seems to be a fun little bike on paper, but I was unable to find any first hand experience from people that have owned and riden one from a newbies perspective (or any skill level for that matter). They seem like the sort of bike that I wouldn't get too bored with over the 12+ months till I get unrestricted and can upgrade (or I can offored to upgrade, which ever comes first).

    I like the fact that they are not everywhere on the road like CBRs etc (makes the Spada a little exotic) but was worried that this lack of existence may led to expensive parts. Is this true?

    Any help people can offer would be great thanks! :LOL:
  2. welcome!

    SPADA is great bike. Quite a few owners current and past on here, myself included.

    very reliable, handles very well, and fun to ride.

    Haven't needed to test out the prices for spares (thankfully) but Carringbah Motorcycles in NSW imports SPADAs from Japan so getting parts should be no problem.
  3. Spada is a great bike... why not look at a VTR250? the successor to the Spada. Essentially the same engine, just a more upright position and a curvier body...

    i know, i AM just a tad biased...

    but spada's and VTR's are pretty much bulletproof, their engines will keep on going and going and going... and are tons of fun to ride! I'm planning on keeping my VTR when i get a second bike, and i have a mate who's planning on doing the same with the Spada when he upgrades...
  4. Cheers as I mentioned I am just getting back into everything and all the models, technology etc have changed heaps over the years. I will have a look at the VTR aswell if it is the predecsor, what sort of price would a good cond one cost second hand?
  5. you can pick up a decent one from about 4500. They're very rarely below the $4000 mark. Brand newie ones are $8500 or so... hold their value like sh!t to as shovel :LOL:
  6. The first NR ride i went on made me want to get a VTR if i wanted a nakie bike. Duff and Scrambles make riding VTRs look so cool
  7. Hey aus_dragon, in short, the only thing I've ever missed on the Spada is fairing for high speed straight boring stuff (and 2nd gear from 1st :LOL:). I did over 900km on it the weekend before last :shock: and a fair bit of that was 100-120km/h...when it's cold, you'll freeze your balls off more on a naked bike than a faired one.

    I think an older VTR went for $3500 on here last week. The riding position is a little different, the Spada is sportier in this respect, the VTR more upright and 'arms out'. You should try out both, but like you, I thought the Spada unique; I like bikes that aren't "me too", and found a real cheapie.

    In terms of speed, I don't think there's anything between them, on paper the Spada has more top end but in reality it doesn't make a difference, especially not in the fun bits. Handling-wise, I haven't ridden anything else at the same pace/lean as the Spada, simply because I wouldn't do that on something I don't own :LOL: but it seems pretty good to me.

    Both are great for the MOST, better turning circle than the faired bikes. I dropped mine pretty soon after I got it (arrrrrrgh, merging car! ...reacted like a noob), and it cost me...$40 for a new mirror perch.

    You'll see people arguing for days about which bike is better, which one is faster, etc, but at the end of the day, in the same class of bike (250 4-stroke twins in this case) the rider makes the difference. So, get the bike you want and feel comfortable on and with. Don't spend too much on your first bike if you haven't ridden much before, that way you'll only cry a little bit if you bin it :rofl:

    Big question! What sort of riding do you plan on doing?

    Summary: I <3 my Spada :grin: She'll be getting a hawwwt friend at some point :twisted: They'll just have to get along, even if I can't ride both at once :LOL:
  8. WOW YAK!!! :LOL: I couldn't have hoped for a better/more comprehensive review. That was just what I wanted.

    Agreed that the best thing to do is try them all and make my own choice. I am hopefully going for the L's training in July. I have a mate with a 750 that has offered to take me out to some carparks etc and teach me ride starting this weekend. He has already taught his brother and several of our mates as he is a very competent and experiecned rider.

    I have actually found a Spada in really good cond. with 10 months rego going for a good price on our staff bulletin at work, I just hope the guy can wait till the tax cheque comes through :oops: :p :LOL: . Gotta give him a call tonight and might go for a cruise with my mate to check it out :? :wink:

    We might have to go for a ride when I get my licence and bike as I am in Sydney aswell.

    Thanks again to everyone who pitched in with their opinions it is great to see there are still plenty of people willing to offer help these days.
  9. Probably the only real fault that Spadas have is with the instruments. Many of them are grey imports and the speedo and tacho needles get brittle with too much UV light and eventually break. They can be glued back up though.

    The VT250 replaced the Spada. It was released without the lovely box frame and the 6 speed gear box that the Spada had. The story goes that Honda was losing money on the Spada as the cost of making it was close to that of the 600 and they couldn't sell it for what it was worth.

    There used to be copies of the original Two Wheels magazine road test of the Spada available on the web. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any but the reviews were very enthusiastic.

    I put a lot of kilometres on my daughter's Spada (till some pr1ck decided he wanted a free bike and nicked it) and it was damned good.
  10. Hi aus_dragon. I had my Spada for about a year before I upgraded to my Hornet 600. But I love her so much and we've been through so much together that I couldn't bear to sell her. So I'm keeping her for my son. He will be able to get his Ls in about 13 months. In the time that I was riding her I did over 17,000kms including a trip to Victoria that was 3,500ks in 9 days. Yeah, it was a little breezy on the long straight bits but you get used to it, and if you know nothing different you don't mind so much.

    In my opinion, they've gotta be one of the best learner bikes and unlike alot of the 250's definitely have some get up and go. She surprised alot of people and since I bought my Hornet, I lent her to a friend to ride as he is bikeless, and he has been carving up some much bigger bikes especially in the twisties!

    We've had a couple of moments together, including a pretty major one and parts are pretty cheap and like Drew said, Steve from Caringbah Motorcycles imports them by the container load and has plenty of spares. He also sells them with a warranty so if you are in the market it might be worth taking a look there.

    Anyway, if you choose a Spada you definitely won't be disapointed. Top learner bike and yeah, a lot of Spada owners decide to keep them once they've upgraded. Cheap to register and insure too.. my comprehensive insurance premium for this year is just $123!
  11. I'll join in the chorus of appreciation for the Spada here: and in fact, I never recall reading a bad word about them. Some people say 'Get a VTR 'cos they're newer', but no-one says 'Spadas are crap'. And all those of us who've owned them love them, and even those who have upgraded look back on them with great fondness.

    I've had mine for about 11 months and put about 13000 km on it, and it literally has not missed a beat. I've replaced a taillight globe and the tyres, kept oil and fuel up to it, and it just starts perfectly every single day. Zero dramas.

    It looks damn sexy - much more so than the VTRs, IMO - and people won't believe its age. It has a much broader range of power than the in-line 4s, making it much more tractable for a beginner and in traffic, but will still definitely get up and boogie if you ask it to. Handles like a dream... once I cranked up the rear preload to cope with my weight (not much change out of 100 kg).

    Mine has a weird intermittent thing where the tacho stops working if the bike goes too long without getting wet, and starts again if it does, so it stopped working in the drought but is working again now. I assume it's something electrical that I could track down if I cared enough...

    Highly recommended.
  12. I'm really just going to say the same things everyone else has. They are a top little bike that are great for learners. I've had mine just over a year now and it hasn't really missed a beat.

    My only problem is the 10(or is it 11??) litre petrol tank. It doesn't give a huge range, but if you don't mind filling up too often it isn't that bad. You'll normally get at least 200k's normal riding out of a tank.

    I've had it serviced at the local honda dealer, and that was no problem for a normal service- I've never had to do anything more than that, so I can't really comment on the price of parts or availabilityetc.

    I think they look better than the VTR as well. And that is the most important thing. :grin:
  13. Hi aus-dragon. I have owned a Spada for almost a year now so thought I would tell you what I thought of it.

    I was tossing up between a VTR250 and a Spada for my first bike but decided to go the Spada to save a few thousand. I definitely haven't regretted it. The Spada is a fantastic bike to ride and looks pretty good as well.

    In terms of riding it is a great performer. The Honda v-twin has plenty of go in it despite its age. It is basically identical to the VTR250 engine. Mine uses very little oil, has started first go every time no matter how hot or cold it is, has no leaks and blows no smoke. It has good acceleration and is a blast on twisty roads. On the freeway it revs pretty high (around 9000 rpm at 100 kph) and the vibrations could become annoying after many hours, but I put a smaller sprocket on the back (51 tooth vs. 54 tooth) which has lowered the revs a bit at cruising speeds without affecting acceleration noticeably. It's nicer on the highway with this change. Still has enough torque to lift the front wheel off the ground if you do it right in first gear :grin:

    The brakes are quite good I have found. With a new set of Bridgestone BT-45 tyres (great tyres for the Spada) there is enough grip and braking power to easily pull little stoppies :LOL: .

    One thing to look out for is the suspension. It is quite basic and with 18 years of use the damping tends to be pretty poor. I had mine serviced and rebuilt, cost around $500 at ProMecha in Melbourne. Totally transformed the bike; much more stable in all situations and worth every cent.

    In terms of economy mine consistently uses 5L/100km. This gives me a maximum range of 220 km with the 11L tank. Some Spada owners get slightly better than this.

    I'm a pretty keen rider and usually get up to Kinglake and The Spur a few times a month. While of course the bike has it's limitations, I think for what it is it is an excellent performer on twisty roads. It corners well, has good clearance so you can lean a long way, and it's low weight combined with the torquey v-twin makes cornering fun :grin: Even after a year I don't find the bike particularly limiting (though that may be due more to my newbie skills than the bike :oops: :LOL: ).

    Regarding servicing, it is very easy to work on at home. I have done a chain and sprocket change, oil change, oil and air filter change and had the carbs off to fix a leaky o-ring. It is all very straightforward. A manual is available on the web as a pdf file which, though pretty dodgy in quality, does show you how to do everything. I can send it to you if you want it down the track. Parts can be a problem as Honda has discontinued some items - like clutch cables :evil: Bike wreckers can usually supply any bits you need if the dealer can't help.

    I hope this has helped a bit. Any questions don't hesitate to pm me.

  14. I have to repeat what everyone else said. I also got Steve from Carringbah Motorcycles to put on a Staintune muffler pipe. Once I took the baffle off, it sounded very nice (& louder than your average Spada). (I stupidly had the baffle on for about 3 months). StainTune only makes VTR250 muffler pipes but Carringbah Motorcycles did some minor adjustments to my pipe before they installed it onto my bike.

    The money I saved from buying a Spada instead a new VTR250, went into riding gear and lessons.
  15. WOW GUYS!!! :LOL:

    Well I think it is settled, Spada it is then!!! :LOL: :p

    Thanks to everyone for all your in put from the sounds of it I definatley wont be dissapointed by the Spada.

    I must agree with Bravus I have never heard anyone say Spadas are crap despite alot of people suggesting a VTR insted.

    I might take you up on your offer Chris in a few weeks (re manual and other questions). I just hope the Spada that I am lookin at the guy can hold on till my tax cheque comes back cause it is in awesome condition for a really good price.

    Anyway I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as I get my new baby!!! :LOL:
  16. hey aus-dragon, what's your location?
  17. I'm in Sydney out near Rouse Hill. So if anyone is keen on going for a cruise and giving a newbie some good pointers and a bit of help, let me know and we can catch up when I get my license and bike. :grin:

  18. You mean this one??



    Spada's rock.
  19. That's the one.
  20. Not that you needed any more convincing....


    I recommend downloading the video to get the high quality version :)