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Honda 2006 line up.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by deyago, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Here's a link to the US Honda site revealing the new for 06 line up. It sounds like the CBR1000RR got some noice revisions but the VFR is a total disappointment, nothing much new, nothing at all exciting about it. There also appears to be no new Blackbird at all! The Couch on Wheels is getting air bags, must be a first for a bike.

  2. So does that mean if you give the front of one a bit of a kick at the lights the airbag will go off? :twisted: :LOL:
  3. I like the look of the new junior racer, the NSF100.
  4. Bugger, no vfr revamp....
  5. Yep not very impressed, must try harder Mr Honda or you're gonna get your butt handed to you by Yamaha and Kwaky who do have some very different new bikes for 06.

    Wonder what Suzuki have to offer......

    I'm guessing at the least a GSXR 6 and 750 which look remarkably similar to the 05 GSXR100.
  6. Your not looking to buy another one are you?
  7. Ever heard the term "if it aint broke, dont fix it"? Theres nothing wrong with the majority of the bikes honda are currently making. The CBR gets its cycle update, which I believe the VFR should get next year (I think the VFR is on a 3 year model cycle).

    While Honda is top of the charts, or atleast close, there is no need for them to get to crazy in their updates. Nothing from next year is over/underwhelming, so far :)
  8. Err...how in gods name does an airbag work on a bike?

    Or are they just refering to the owners being full of hot air.
  9. Honda runs a four year cycle for the VFR so it was due for this model release. They might think they are onto a good thing but "telling" people what they can have is good for them compared to listening to the market can be an interesting strategy. I can see Triumph's ST1050 getting a real boost in sales now that people in the market can now see all the choices for Sports Tourers.
  10. Big changes for the CBR6 I see....new colors!

  11. I am also overwhelmed by the massive changes made to the VTR....


    All the OzFirestorm people were wanting an update to the VTR (Fuel Injection, Fireblade front end, new body work...).

    Compared to what Kawasaki and Yamaha are releasing, Honda seem very quite.
  12. Sigh, a nice new BLACK Hornet with upside-down forks and a 17" front wheel (cheaper tyres) would be nice Mr Honda Australia......
  13. Yeah Nova, makes you wonder sometimes. Yamaha has released a sexed up R1-SP model, Kawasaki has an all new ZX10 and Honda has some new colours....wooooooo! :roll: :LOL:

    Well to be fair they have re-released the SP2 as an RC51 RTV. Looks like a sexy piece of kit and I can't wait to have a go at it if they ever bring one to a HRCA ride day. Though to be honest I don't know enough about the model to tell if there is much difference with last year's. I'll have to furiously study both spec sheets to get to an acceptable bikerspotter's level. :)
  14. *SIGH* Scratch that, under the list of new things for the SP-2

    "New for 2006

    New silver Honda wing on fuel tank. "

    And the spec sheets look identical.....well new paint, must be much lighter and help the bike cut down wind friction or somthing, right? Right??
  15. Not a lot has changed with this one either by the looks of things:

  16. Hey you got there the same time as me Deyago! ;)
  17. Strangely, it took no time at all to review the "new features" section :LOL: .

    I hope Honda get reamed in the sales war, they need a wake up call for at least two models IMO, the VFR and VTR1000.
  18. That's IT.

    I am going to rebel and buy a ...shudder... Truimph.

    Rage against the MACHINE!!!!!!