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Honda 1999 cbr600f Exhaust question

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by gunmetalr33, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have just purchased a Honda cbr600f4 (1999), the last of the carby models. Anyway, it is a little sluggish low in the rev range so I figured I would by an after market pipe for it to increase the low down response and make the bike a little louder...

    I have been looking at the following makes and was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with any of them:

    1) Jardine RT-One Slip On - Full Race Baffle - Honda CBR600F4 ($260)
    2) D&D Show and Go Slip-On Exhaust - Honda CBR600F4 ($306)
    3) Barracuda Slip-On Exhaust - Honda CBR600F4 ($317)
    4) Muzzys Slip-On Canister - Honda CBR600F4 ($283)

    All of these pipes are sourced from the US but the prices are in AUD. Any comments are welcome...

  2. I think you may be going about the wrong way to fix your problems. I think the pipe will improve the note of the bike, maybe add a tiny bit of power throughout, but not sort out any low down flat spots or similar. Ensure the bike is mechanically perfect before throwing away your cash.

    I have a Micron on my F3 CBR600, sounds orite.

    EDIT: stupid language filter, name of pipe is M | C R 0 N
  3. cheers

    Thanks for the advice mate. I also want the pipe to increase the noise of the bike so that people are more aware of me on the road...

    Do the prices sound fair? I am new to bikes but have had a lot of experience in working with cars and it really seems that after market bike parts are expensive in comparison to cars?
  4. I thought the prices looked pretty good. I bought a pipe for a CBR 1000rr a while back and that was $1000.
    I've had a few CBR600 s, never got around to fitting a pipe but was really pleased with a dynojet kit and dyno tune.
    It's usually a good thing to get a dyno tune when fitting a pipe.
    The two should give you a noticable improvment
  5. get your slip on, clean and balance the carbs, and tune it to suit the new pipe. you will be happy with the improvement.
  6. Yoshi

    I was wondering if $452 is a good price for the following slip on exhaust.

    Yoshimura RS-3

    Found it on KneeDragers.com
  7. Is it the price delivered? Check their CLEARANCE products, I got mine there and it was CHEAP!!!! If it's not "delivered", then keep in mind it'll cost you another $90 or so.
  8. pipe

    yea the price includes delivery. What pipe did you get and on what bike?
  9. I got a Scorpion Titanium Slip on for a CBR 600 RR '03. I paid $140 + $87 for freight (all USD! Around AUD 260) :grin: . The part hasn't been delivered yet, but should be here by tuesday! :cool: :cool:
  10. update


    I have cut it down to the following exhausts for my 99 cbr 600 f4:

    Yoshimura RS-3

    has anybody had any experience with any of these? Particularly the sound of them?

    any help would be great, thanks...
  11. Every now and then I ride a F4i with and Titanium RS-3 as my ex-flatmate owns one. She sound sweet and not too loud at all IMO, specially at lower revs.
  12. cbr600F4 exhaust

    Hi all, I have a cbr600 Y 2000 model, is this the same as the F4 which you are talking about. I'm also in the market for an aftermarket slip on. did you make a decision yet, and what is the verdict if you have it yet. I'm probably going to get the yoshi RS -3. I do like the carbon fibre pipes, but I did see one where the carbon had faded, it had started turning and yellowy orange, is this normal wear, or was it just neglected in the weather?
  13. and btw

    and btw, any ones opinion is welcome, what kind of pipe sounds the best on this bike. this is the main reason for a slip on dont forget.