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honda 185?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ch12matt, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Picked up a bike today. Supposedly a honda 185. No idea what year. Any idea where I would find engine numbers or anything to identify it?

  2. The local honda shop would be able to identify it from the vin.

    But post a pic someone will know, the only honda 185 i can think of is a honda xl185
  3. i had a 1984 Honda XL 185 road trail, it had ag gearing when i got it and a hell of a lot fun on the hills
  4. it only as a single rear shock which the 185 didnt have? the tank has a feint honda graphic still on it and the seat has nothing readable on it anymore. and its not letting me upload photos
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    Put the photo on a sharing site like photobucket and then use the link provided in your post.

    ie. the picture below is actually the IMG Code link copied and pasted into the post

  6. BTW your bike looks like an XL or XR185
  7. ME04E-510804S engine number?
  8. the first four digits before the E. These digits represent the motorcycle model number. The last character represents the year of the particular model.

    According to 1 list I found,
    ME04 = XR 200 RB-D
    a 2nd list......
    XR185 is ME02
    81-83 XR200R is ME04
    86-02 XR200R is ME05
    ..........XL185 is MD02
    ..........XL200 is MD06
    Keep in mind these are engine numbers. It may be a 200 engine in a 185 frame ??
  9. That does look a whole lot like an XR200 - about '82, give or take a year or so. Not much earlier and they were a twin shock, glorified XL185, and not much later they were the radial four valve head, with big letters on the sides to that effect.

    The engine capacity should be stamped on the cylinder (bottom rear or just around on the side, as I think I vaguely recall).
  10. I had an XL185, didn't look like that.

    I'd reckon that is an XR200 frame. Perhaps with a XL185 motor.
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  13. Well its an 82 xr200r. Just got it to fire last night with some quick wiring and a bit of fuel in whats left of the carby. So now the build begins I guess
  14. There was the CD185 commuter twin as well but I've never seen one in Australia so it might not ever have been imported. It was never as common as its 175 predecessor or 200 successor anyway. I've also seen one example of a hideously ugly CM185 variant but hopefully they've all long since disintegrated.
  15. That is pretty small for a twin, I thought that you made an error and that it was a single, but google says it was a twin. Don't remember the CD185, the CD250 was reasonably popular here, I remember it was the bike that I did my L's course on.
  16. The CD185 would have been current c1980 or so but. like I said, was never really common compared to Honda's other small twins. Hell, one of the standard learner bikes in the UK after the 125 learner law came in was the CB125 twin which was also closely related to the old CD175 engine design. For all I know they're still churning them out. I actually have a degree of respect for Honda's little twins as they stand up to abuse, neglect and merciless thrashing far far better than Honda's bigger bikes. They were once the staple ride of the desperately poor who were too proud to go Eastern Bloc.

    Weeny two stroke twins were also pretty common at one point with Yamaha doing the RD125/RD200/RS200 range and Suzuki the GT125/GT185/GT200X5/SB200 variants.

    As for 185s in general, it seems a bit of an odd capacity but I assume it had something to do with licensing/rego requirements somewhere in the world as Honda did the XL185/CD185 and Suzuki the aforementioned GT185 and the TS185 trailie.