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Honda 125E

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by oddteen, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I got myself a Honda 125E. Been riding awhile now and I have a few questions.

    My bike has low frequency vibrations after 60km/hr, it is felt on the handle bar and fuel tank. Is this normal ?
    I was thinking of installing air cushion grips, what is the grip size for 125E?
    Any other changes that can help me reduce the vibration ? (anti vibration pad on fuel tank?)

    oh What is the size for the engine oil drain pluck ?
  2. Your bike doesn't have a lot of power which could explain why your bike will easily start to vibrate after a certain speed, but of course the thing is very economical. Great for a work commuter.

    I don't know the size of your grips but most bikes have a 7/8" size grips.

    There could already be padding under the fuel tank but if you really want to check, make sure you have an almost empty tank & then take off the lines & connections from the tank (make sure you know what goes where when putting it back together) & then you'll know.

    I don't know the size for the oil drain plug.
  3. I completed the QRide course (RE Licence in QLD) on a Honda 125E. It also suffered fairly noticeable vibrations between 60 - 80km/h.

    The instructor made special mention that they are essentially buzz-boxes, so don't worry about it
  4. Thanks for your reply guys. I do like the bike, and normally I reach speeds greater than 70km/hr only on highways.
    But regardless I need to figure out ways to reduce the vibration,my hands and legs get numb whenever I ride for a long time.
  5. Hahaha. Welcome to the world of single-cylinder ownership lol!.. Though I dare-say your cb125 will have nothing on my sr400 vibration wise, my teeth chatter just thinking of riding it. The missus loves riding pillion for some odd reason ;););)

    Have a look into bar end weights & slightly fatter grips
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    I've got a cb125e also, mine has over 6000kms on it and I think its a great little bike especially for the money!

    I ride mine around 30kms 5 days a week to and from work and honestly I don't experience any vibrations at all,
    I give the poor little bike a hard time

    I have done quite a few rides on the highway for 40 odd mins at a time holding it full throttle trying to find a truck to sit behind and I can't say I've ever noticed excessive or major vibrations in fact I thought for what it is its a dream to ride.

    Check the simple stuff first Check you chain is adjusted also and lubricated, check the chain adjuster isn't out on one side just little things... Just thinking of simple things it may be you can check your self for free.

    then again the cb feels like a BMW after riding my Harley so maybe I just don't notice it.
    Then again I test rode a bmw 700gs and couldn't believe the vibrations I felt! that was a new demo bike!

    Also I do vaguely remember reading on the cb125e page the bloke had a bad chain that caused him vibration but that was a long time ago and my bourbon brain isn't the best some where on this (http://www.honda-cb125.com)
  7. I agree..
    Below 50km/hr, the bike is perfectly fine.. Only after 60 +/- does the vibration begins to kick in.
  8. Still even at speeds over 50 most of my ride is 80kph to work, no bad vibes here
  9. Alright.. Thanks..
    Will read through the site, and check my bike..
  10. Best of luck hopefully some thing simple, that site is really good
  11. One other area as a simple check is tyres/wheels.

    - Are the tyres Ok and not worn.
    - Are the tyre pressures OK
    - Has the wheel lost a balancing weight, these are little metal slugs placed on the wheel rim, commonly opposite the valve which make the wheel balanced.
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  12. On my ride home from work to day I made a special effort to take notice of any vibrations,

    The most vibration I felt was in the foot pegs, none in the tank and a little in the handlebars.
    Using my mobile phone vibrate as a scale for vibration of 1 to 10, 10 being the vibration on my phone when I flick it on to vibrate. I would say in the high rev range and above 60kph the bike would be a 3.5 weird scale I know but I didn't know what else to compare it too hope this helps the phone is a Samsung s3 by the way

  13. Mine feels like a 5 on the handle & foot pegs and a 9 on the tank :bigtears:(above 60kph)

    Tyres are good and I just pumped them but it made little difference on the vibration.

    Trying to solve it myself if I can't then I will bring it to the mech and check its wheel balance and alignment ,
  14. Good choice, if its really that bad there is some thing pretty wrong I think, where are you located if your around my area I might be able to have a glance at it over the weekend if you like.
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  15. Thanks for the offer(y) but I am not from Australia. Honda CB 125E isn't a common bike where I stay. That is why I am asking in this forum.

    Thank again you have been very helpful :angelic:;-)
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