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N/A | National Homeward bound - Phase 2 - Returning to QLD via VIC & NSW (VIC)

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Valvoline, Jun 1, 2016.

Homeward bound - Phase 2 - Returning to QLD via VIC & NSW
Start Date: Jun 17, 2016 17:00
End Date: Jun 17, 2016 19:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST


VIC 3000

Posted By: Valvoline

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  1. With a new lawnmower beastie close at hand, the next return leg of the trip will commence.

    From the South towards the North and onto warmer pastures I'll be leaving Victoria through the coastal areas through NSW and into QLD.

    The plan will be to leave Melbs on the Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th , through Orbost, over into the NSW border closer to Bega and northwards to Wollongong.
    In wollgogs and surrounds, I'll have to stop over for a day or two to get the lawnmower serviced and, of course, see the Robertson BIG potatoe (aka Hercules' shit). Macquarie's pass and or Kangaroo valley is another alternative.

    I would like to bypass the Syd city itself and do a loop through towards Wisemans' ferry area and keep heading northwards.

    A night or two will be spent in Port Macquarie to have time to savour the 300+ corners of the Oxley Highway a couple of times before moving further north.

    Anyone with free days for a day ride and or some time for a meet & greet warm drink is more than welcome and send me a PM to organise :)

    Pls keep your fingers crossed for mild and unrainy weather !! Watch this space since i'll be updating it regularly.

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  2. Safe travels V.
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  3. NO MORE SKIPPIES!!! Thanks Lazy LibranLazy Libran !
  4. I look forward to your coming adventures. May our paths cross again. And I may just have to get a bigger fun bike.
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  5. Wishing you Fair winds & skies plus Safe travels ValvolineValvoline
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  6. So long V, and post up some photos of the new Bike.
    Please give her a warm welcome as she rides through your town.

    Oh, and, Today is not my Boithday.
    so, quench those candles until sometime in July.
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  7. Candles? That means there will be cake...


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  8. Ride well!

    Do the Putty on the way if you get the chance and haven't already done so.
  9. Bonang Road?

    I'd love to join you for a ride, show you around the place... However, my rear tyre is totally shagged, and I'm a bit more skint than usual at the moment, so I doubt I'll be back on the road by then, but I'll see what I can do.
  10. I think now I know why I'm being 'held up' by bike issues here in VIC..... Latest is that they installed the wront 12V plug and the luggage rack hasn't arrived yet so another day or two that's pushed me back.... however ...THIS

    The wild weather is here to stay

    I'm thankful now that I didn't leave in the time as planned or I would have been out in the road in a 2,000km storm! yikes! :eek::nailbiting:
  11. That weather is not good. Don't get caught out like someone that I know.
  12. So great to catch up (twice, aren't I lucky!) in Melbs. Safe travels and keep in touch! Can't wait for the next blog!
  13. Have safe travels V!! Hope to see you back here in feb ;)
  14. Safe travels ValvolineValvoline ..........nice today here in moss vegas (pity I have to go to the dentist grrrr). :mad: My only free days are sat/sun but if you happen to be around on those days feel free to message me
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  17. I have been wait for the return adventure to begin. You can't say that it has not been an adventure with everything you has seen. The roads that has been tested, the corners that have put a smile on your face. The great people that you have had the chance to meet and ride with. I thankyou that I could be part of the adenture. The smile on your face at the end of our ride, I will remember forever. So safe travels Valvoline.
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  18. Hey ValvolineValvoline , you should turn off at Bomaderry and head up the mountains (a must if in the area) to Kangaroo Valley then onwards to moss vegas (visit me :) ) then we could ride out and view the big potato and have some cake (UG will be jealous lol)....then down Macquarie pass and off to sunny downtown Wollongong....this is only if you have time and just a suggestion and who knows what the weather will be like here :(.....enjoy your trip!
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  19. I won't have a new tyre before the 18th (I'm goin' nuts not being able to ride).

    There's the big cheese at Bodalla - just a (hopefully) empty septic tank on a stick really, with peeling yellow paint). But the dairy shed adjacent is well worth a visit if you like a good thickshake.

    The Killer Whale museum in Eden is worth a look.
  20. I've been meaning to go to old toms whaling museum for years. Such epic and incredible whaling tall stories from that old town. The largest whale ever to be hand speared (well, largest ever recorded) was caught out of a tiny boat in Eden. Years ago I had some mates travel down from Sydney and they drunkenly came up with a bush poem that finished "There's no deal that is such a ripper, as one sealed with the hand and the flipper", being a reference to the legendary killer whale "old Tom" who would apparently swim in to shore and flap his tail on the sand out the front of the whalers hut to wake them up when his pod had rounded up a migrating whale into twofold bay so the whalers could get out and spear it.

    I don't know how much truth there is to that event occurring frequently, but there was a large aboriginal community in the area and a lot of them worked on the whaling boats, and they believed that their passed brothers and sisters would be reborn, sometimes as killer whales, and this lends to the theory of why there was such a strong symbiotic relationship between the old whalers and the killer whales of twofold bay.
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