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Homes plan for Fox's GP site (PI)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Found in Todays Herald Sun

    Homes plan for Fox's GP site
    Nicole Lindsay
    Property Editor

    TRUCKING magnate Lindsay Fox is believed to be close to submitting plans for a $500 million residential development on Phillip Island.

    The $500 million project is 10 times the scale of the $50 million hotel for which Mr Fox has a permit.
    Property industry sources say Mr Fox plans to submit a proposal for 500 three-storey townhouses on the 274ha parcel of land where the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is run.

    The development is believed to include a 27-hole golf course as well as the original 160-room five-star hotel with convention facilities.

    Mr Fox bought the site, which includes the 106-hectare racing circuit with its 4.4km track, for $10 million last year.

    Mr Fox's son, Andrew Fox, was not available for comment yesterday.

    Bass Coast Shire is believed to have been briefed on the plans last week.

    Bass Coast Shire chief executive Allan Bawden said there had been ongoing discussions with the Fox group over plans for the site.

    "Lindsay Fox took ownership of the race course just over 12 months ago," Mr Bawden said.

    "They've been developing a master plan for future use of the site."

    The council had recently extended the hotel permit for a further two years, he said.

    Some changes had also been made to the permit, but they were minor, he said.

    "There's been ongoing discussions but nothing formal as yet."

    The major residential plans are unlikely to get a warm reception from Planning Minister Rob Hulls, who is already unhappy with planning in Bass Coast.

    Other developments still waiting for ministerial approval in the area south-east of Melbourne include a 27-hole resort-style golf course at Tarwin Cove, east of Inverloch, and a 200-unit eco-village at Cape Paterson.

    Mr Fox made his money in trucking but he has recently made moves into entertainment.

    He bought Luna Park in St Kilda for $7 million in June and is understood to be making a bid for the neighbouring St Kilda Triangle site, which takes in the Palais Theater and the Palace nightclub.

    In partnership with Becton founder Max Beck, he is developing a $100 million business park and discount retail precinct at Essendon Airport.
  2. Not cynical at all marty, look at Amaroo Park in Sydney. The track was there for years until the yuppies moved out there to live, then complained about the noise, then had it shut down
    Oran Park is just about to go the same way, the State Government has re-zoned the land around it and it is doomed.
    Give Eastern Creek and the dragway 15 years and they'll be marginalised out of existence as well.
    Which makes you wonder, what about Sandown Park, how long has it got??
    (Incidentally, Eastern Creek does not belong to the same Korean family as the three previously-name circuits)
  3. I got the impression that the townhouses were to be built in place of the track.

    At least, that was the way it first appeared to me. You'd think if that wasn't the case then the editorial staff would point it out. Then again, the Herald Sun is primarily regarded as entertainment and therefore journalistic standards dont apply.

    As for all the extra townhouses, I'm sure that will be as much of a tearaway success as Docklands.
  4. Why leave something beautiful alone when you can spend millions fcuking it up? I hope the planning minister blocks the plans.
  5. From my reading of it, the track is supposed to be PART of the entertainment/recreation complex. Fox has already spent a heap of money on the track, it doesn't make any sense to waste all that and close the track.

    I think it's more likely the residential buildings will be for holiday purposes rather than permament occupation.

    Similar facilities exist at many overseas tracks like Suzuka for example.
  6. Gawd, I hope you're right, RC. PI's my favorite track to visit (Bathurst is the best to watch). Certainly, I'd be lining up to rent one of the townhouses on a GP, WSBs or V8 weekend. Certainly, there would be the numbers to fill them over the course of a 3-5 day event, what with competitors, team crew members, sponsors and other "VIPs".

    Thing is, is there enough room for 500 houses, a 27 hole golf course, the hotel and the track and its surrounding facilities?

    That is, how much of the 274 hectares "parcel of land" is taken up with the track, campground facilities, carparks, etc.? Or, how much of the track is the area that's bounded by the fencing?
  7. Thin edge of the wedge. I don't forsee the closure of the track but if there are people living there 24/7 you can expect to see ride days etc being limited or stopped altogether to let these fcukers enjoy the view in peace. I wish they would follow the Byron Bay model and ban all extensive development altogether, people LIKE it the way it is and WANT it the way it is FFS. :x
  8. Let's see - how much money does that track make Mr Fox right now? bugger all. How much if he pulled it up and put houses in? Millions...
  9. Doesn't Fox own more than just the 24 hectare site that comprises the track and environs, though???

    yes, dey, I agree. it prolly is the thin end of the wedge.
  10. Yeah he own quite a bit of the surrounding area and there are already plans for a golf course. Just what we need, an overpriced haven for for ne'erdowell wealthy folks. If anything effects the track I'll boycott all Fox services - Tremble in your lofers Fox, tremble I say!
  11. Yeah, he could (and he might), but Fox also happens to be a mad keen motorhead, albeit the four wheel kind. Up until now all his plans have been to INCREASE the use of the track. The only worry is that he's changed his mind and decided to cut his losses.
    I'm still hoping that's not the case.
  12. My son has very close contacts with the people who run the track, on a business level (don't want to sound pretentious here, just stating a fact) and I can tell you, the only plans they have for the track is to make it better. Fox is a petrolhead and has more than enough money to not have to worry about the track itself not making a bundle of money.

    Besides which, I bet he makes a motza out of the WSBK and MotoGP meetings.
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  14. you guys should write in to the planning minister and voice your opposition to any development at PI. If some mega residential development goes ahead compromises would have to be made, they may keep the track for big events like GP but imagine track days for you mad sports bike riders get abolished.

    The Hon Rob Hulls
    Minister For Planning
    8 Nicholson Street
    East Melbourne 3002

    make sure you have a return name & address as anonymous mail does not get through.
  15. Yep. WRITE, don't email. A few thousand written letters will receive a much bigger response than what a few emails would. They're easier to deal with. Whereas, a letter has to be opened, read, sorted for attention, re-read, then something typed up, put into an envelope, sealed, stamped and mailed out.

    When an MP's staff is tied up doing say, 5,000 letters, it makes a bigger impact than emails or a petition, which only has to be responded to once.

    Better still, write two letters - one to your local MP and the other to Rob Hulls. If a minister starts getting queries from dozens of MPs over the same issue, then it gets a better look in.

    Anyway, does PI have the infrastructure to handle such a large development? ie: sewerage, water, etc.?
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  17. B.O.T.

    IMO PI is a hole for anything except the racetrack, if he can get enough turkeys to spend money buying townhouses there, then good on him.

    It's a pity that the Broadford facility wasn't planned with all the extra infrastructure that is required to run international events.

    It doesn't have the extreme weather fluctations that PI has either.

    What loony ever thought it was a good idea building a racetrack fronting onto the Great Southern Ocean/Bass strait?
  18. To design a fast flowing track that still offers some great racing even after all these years is in my opinion the work of an absolute genius remembering it was built for race cars of the late 1950's.

    From what I gather Linfox owns a fair slice of the land to the west (pit straight side) of the complex and that is where the proposed Hotel/Motel/Golf course is supposed to be built.

    That big house that was built on the hill opposite the hay shed was built with all sort of covenants attached so the owner, and future owners, realise the track is there.

    Lindsay Fox is patron of the Geelong Speed Trails and assists that event in the supply & transport of the concrete safety barrier blocks needed to create a 1/4 mile "Curved" Drag Strip in Ritchie Blvd. His car collection needs to be seen to be believed so he is a rev head BUT the track has to make money to survive, hence the cost of hiring the track for a weekend event has almost doubled since Linfox brought the complex.
  19. Unless you know something that you wish to share, the Geelong Speed Trials were cancelled indefinately before the event took place last year, much to a lot of peoples disapointment.