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Homemade chain lovin - no not a p0rno

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robsalvv, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. There are plenty of chain cleaning threads on NR... this is sort of another one - but just wanted to share a couple of home made aids to help with the process.

    Here's my homemade grunge brush:
    I couldn't be bothered making a wood block wedge, so with some rags and gaffa a homemade grunge brush was born! I dip the brushes in kero and give the chain a scrub-a-dub-dub. It really gets the grime out of the chain. I scrub a section at a time then vigorously rub with a rag till the chain is basically dry.

    Then once the chain is clean and any remaining kero has had time to weather off (compressed air helps), it's time for a decent lube and soak... I use Motul road as my chain lube of choice - it's light and penetrating and fling off is miniscule.

    I slip a piece of cardboard in between the chain and the wheel (there's a small cut out to suit the wheel hub) to protect the tyre from getting coated. :)

    After the lube has had a chance to soak in, I give it a quick wipe with a rag to remove any excess. :) ...and vuola - one clean and lubed chain. :)

    38000 km and the chain still has plenty of life left. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Pah.. I really need to buy a paddock stand and some more kero..
  3. I think we should run an award for D.I.Y. solution of the month/year/something on netrider.

    This is my first nomination for it seriously

    Well done on creating a cheap solution to a problem mate :grin:
  4. jus make sure before u grab a brush .. that u do not place it back in the cup holder :p
  5. You Bastard Rob :twisted:
    Ive been lookin everywhere for my toothbrush! :p
    Seriously... great tip, thanks!
  6. Taa guys :)

    I can't lay claim to fame for inventing the concept though. I saw the ketten chain cleaning brush at Bikemart yonks ago... it has THREE brushes...

    One of these day's I'll whip up a proper wooden wedge to seperate the brushes properly.... and maybe even go three brushes... we'll see.
  7. I used nail brushes to clean the chain but they always fall apart after 5 mins in with the kero. Do toothbrushes not disintegrate? I'm going to investigate (copy your idea) right now.

  8. Tooth brushes cope fine mate. :)

    Go forth and replicate!
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    This is exaclty what happened to mine, cept was in turps. Apparently you dont buy the cheapest ones can find and they should hold up some more.... i also dilute my mixture of kero or turps in water too.
  10. Dilute your kero??? I've never heard that before.

    Why dilute the Kero Booga?

    For the record, my toothbrush of choice is "Reach". Pricey little buggers, but they've never disintegrated in kero...
  11. i am gonna to have to enter my D.I.Y Bead breaker..... :LOL: pics to follow shortly :wink:

    nice rob, i just used a large scrubing brush, as all the dirt and shit that build up there i find the toothbrush, doesn't clean it well enough (mind you i ride down a dirt road everyday)
  12. Turps will melt many plastics, given time - included toothbrushes. Kero should be fine though.
  13. Chain?? Lube???? Paddock stand??? what is this garbage you speak?? ;)

    I need to sell a few cans of ketten spray actually.

    Good thing I unlocked the classifieds :rofl:
  14. At how many k's do you floss rob?
  15. +1
    How often are you supposed to lube your chain (and "clean" then lube) given normal riding???

    Is it every 500km????

    Ta fellas
  16. JZA, I'm getting the best wear on my current chain out of any I've owned, and I'm doing the least lubing and adjustment I've ever done. I'll give it a light spray if I ride in the rain, and that's about it, otherwise it's very rare. I don't ever plan to clean it, I've cleaned all the others and I reckon it may have contributed to their sub-10,000km lifespans.

    My advice is not to overcare for your chain. Keep it well adjusted - and by that I mean to err on the loose side over the tight - and give it a brief squirt of lube occasionally if it's wet or you've been on a long fast thrash.
  17. I do a quick lube after every long ride or after a few hundred kilometres since the last one. (Pop bike on stand, insert cardboard to protect wheel, spin wheel, spray chain, spin wheel lots more to spread lube... takes about 90seconds).

    I clean when the chain "looks like" it needs it or before the next ride after riding in the wet/dirt.

    Loz might think I'm over caring for my chain... but that's cool. My chain and sprockets are at 42000km's, no end of life in sight. :)
  18. Loz thinks you've got bigger problems... Like denying your true identity, Wallace.
  19. :LOL: I genuinely LOL'd. We'll see whether you're right mate. :grin:
  20. Cleaning intervals is also related to the kinda lube you use.

    The sticky wax lubes with little or no fling off are the worst for
    attracting dirt during the cooler seasons compared to the oily
    lubes which generally have more fling off.

    Dirt on a chain turns into a grinding paste which wear out components
    at a faster rate.

    Cleaning intervals should be governed by actually inspecting the
    chain to determine if oil is required rather than how many kilometres
    its been since you last oiled up.

    BTW, I've never heard of someone diluting kero with water.

    Why would you do that? :?

    My Q's Rob:

    1. Will vigourous cleaning using kero or any other degreaser using a tooth
    brush interfere with greece sealed behind the O-rings? or is this more
    likely the case if a pressure washer is used?

    2. Do you really think that being anal with cleaning a chain results in an
    extended chain life?