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Homeland Security Threat

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jezza, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I begrudge Scrooby the oxygen he breathes, he is a walking advertisement for birth control!
  2. Okay, so what you are saying is dark window tinting is a security threat....

    Very interesting

    So, all the terrorist actions that have occurred could have been saved by not using the Tint Professor..... :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Heheheheehe
    If you read the Index page at the moment it reads "Homeland Security Threat......Sir Skuffy!!!!
    (I didn't know he was THAT bad)
  4. I sent knucklehead an email asking how he justified the link between the murder of innocent people by international terrorists and mum and dad driving around with the kids bike rack blocking the number plate.

    This is the reply
    Wanking class heroes if you ask me.
  5. I was thinking about getting a tinted double bubble windscreen on the bike, but now I might get the black vans chasing after me...
  6. Scruby is an oxygen thief
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ROFL

    ANd what about all those potential terrorists with tinted visors :p

    I think Harold would have them shot on sight....
  8. i love the way they have the link to the 'numberplate blocker spray'... i'd never even heard of it until now :LOL:

    btw, anyone know if it works? ;)
  9. Who cares, we should all email Harold, thank him for linking to it and let him know we've ordered some. :twisted:

    I have this image of him foaming at the mouth with hysterical rage after the 100th email...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I wanna know why this kunt is able to use the pedestrain council as a soapbox to push an agenda.

    From what I saw in their charter they are concerned with pedestrian awareness only.
  11. Inspired

    :applause: :applause: :applause:
  12. A very strange individual indeed . But the trouble with these minorities is the government normally caves in to thier request's.
  13. Mr Scruby & Mr Shuey, please ask this nice Yakuza man to kindly remove the windscreen tint from his car (image 80kb)... go on - please :twisted:
  14. It just occurred to me. As a logical extension of this, all vans and trucks will have to have transparent sides (or at least big windows) so that it can be seen that they aren't carrying anything nasty. And then all backpacks, briefcases and womens purses should be transparent.

    In fact, to make sure that we aren't carrying anything nasty the only clothing allowed will be transparent plastic raincoats. :LOL:

    Mind you, Harold probably is used to wearing nothing but a plastic raincoat...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. ...and a hat made of aluminium foil to stop people reading his thoughts
  16. No, the hat is stop thoughts from entering his head.
  17. I have taken the advice of others on this thread and sent the following to the Pedestrian Council site.

    Having been made aware of your site and draconian views recently, I have visited your site and must thank you for your link to the Photoblocker site. I had heard of this product previously, but had never thought to search for it on the web. Due to your foresight, I have now added this site to my favourites list and I am now investigating the purchase of this product to test its veracity.
    I have also added your site to my favourites list , and will continue to visit in the future in the hope that you may be able to point me towards further gems in the nature of the above mentioned site.

    Having looked up the meaning of "pedestrian" in the Concise Oxford dictionary, it describes its use as a noun as such, "one who walks in streets etc...". Personally, to me, this mob are giving prostitutes a bad name. :roll: :LOL:
  18. Pedestrian can also be defined as "lacking wit or imagination" which is probably an apt description for their organization
  19. Wonderful Shane,
    I was going to wait till I got home rather than do it from this account but I might organise a hotmail account just for stirring up people like that...