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Homegrown fairing bog and repaint possible?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rsser, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Wasn't concentrating and dropped the bike doing a u-turn.

    There's about 12 scratches on the fairing side that go through the decal into the paint, and about four that go into the black.

    Costing prof repair...

    $100 for orig decals
    $250 for respray and application of decals

    Outta my price range! (Specially since another off in the next year or so is well within the bounds of probability).

    Aftermarket decals might be available, but this is a bike that sold 46 units last year... and it's just a Jap bike.

    I'm wondering about what I can do about the scratches.

    They're deep enough to need some filling - that's cool, I'm OK with that kind of work. But what would I use? Bog?

    And colour matching - again, I'm OK with a brush - but how and where to match the colour (metallic gold and silver)?

    If you've been down this track successfully, I'd really appreciate your advice.
  2. yup, an auto paint joint should be able to match the paint easy as, i'd suggest you spray it tho, brushing will look pretty messy. with the bog, i've been using a metal/fibre reinforced bog for making some vents on the sides of my bike, when not too thick, it remains quite flexible. its strong as an ox tho, so sanding back is a biatch and its quite a bit more difficult to work with than the cheapo bog.

    depends on how long you want the finish to last, if its just for selling, just use normal cheap lightweight bog, its easy to work with and gives a real nice finish with very little effort. if you want to have a good finish that lasts, then get the good bog and start working out that sanding arm, it will give you a much longer lasting job.

    and whatever you do, dont rush it. if you leave mess in the prep work, it'll show through in the final product. best of luck fella :wink:
  3. K, thanks for this good advice,

    Wrinkle is that most of the scratching is on a decal, so fine filling is needed for this then touching up. Would an automotive place take this on?

    I'm not just interested in a quick fix - expect to be married to this machine for a while yet ;-}