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Home theatre amp hook up

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by raven, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Ok.

    Got blu-ray and dvd player.
    Both go to LCD flat panel via veeeeeeeeeeery expensive HDMI cables.

    That's it - simple as.

    Now...throw in an amp and stereo speakers I just bought. Life turns to sh*t!.

    The guy gives me an optical cable and 2x digital sound cables telling me they go from each of the 2 players to the amp. and that's it. Simple (NOT)
    Despite the rats nest of pins and connectors on the back, which I worked out, and manage to get sound from (hooray)...I have to set the AMP on "CD" to hear anything from the players. Stupid!

    Question...the amp has HDMI connectors on it...two in, one out...So why can't I just run the original two HDMI cables that run to the tv, to the amp instead and then have an addition HDMI cable running to the tv from the HDMI out on the amp, since the HDMI carries the high quality sound anyway, right?...Am I missing some point somwhere. ie...how does it know to play the sound carried in the hdmi cables out through the speakers and not to the tv "only"?
    So why do I need all this other crap connected up - where do they come into it.
    Obviously I missed out on the electronics gene somewhere along the line, so I'm struggling with this, what to someone who knows, would be very simple.
    Can one of you kind folk take me by the hand and walk me through it all theis connection crap with the amp, speaking in veeeery simple terms...(assume you are talking to an idiot). :)) (no wisecracks)


  2. Did you try your 2-in, 1-out HDMI only solution?

    I don't see why it wouldn't work, and because it's digital sound - yes the full quality audio should travel just fine over either the HDMI or optical.

    Some amps only pass video signal through the 1-out though, so you might need to run leads from the amp to the TV if you ever wanted to watch something on disc that doesn't require booming audio (although I don't know when that would ever be).

    You can use one of your optical leads though to run from the TV to the Amp, if you want to watch broadcasts and still have the benefits of your new audio system.

    Set up that way you won't need to be in "CD" mode, just select which of the HDMI inputs you want and it should sort it out automagically. Depending on your amp, it might even auto-select the correct input for you when you turn one of the players on and load a disc.
  3. btw john, you shouldn't pay more then about $10-15 for a hdmi cable, don't get suxed into the hype
  4. you can definitely run HDMI from the blu ray to the amp, then HDMI from the amp to the TV, and it should all just work. You just need to find which "channel" on the amp the HDMI corresponds to. You may find that of the 2 HTMI INs one is marked "DVD" or similar. Just make sure you set the amp to that and it should all work.

    Dedicated optical/digital sound cables are I believe preferred, but that could just be salesman-speak!!! But you should safely be able to ignore them at least to get you up and running.
  5. Raven,

    If you give me the model number of the amp and the blu-ray, and the dvd for that matter, ill tell you exactly how to connect and what settings to adjust.

    Just running the HDMI may not work depending on the receiver/amp. Not all have HDMI recievers. Only repeaters. Either way, some system config may be needed.
  6. Either that, or both HDMI into the telly, and a single optical from the telly to the amp should also do it.

    Then check the tv settings and make sure that the speaker selection is set to digital out.
  7. Thanks for all the responses guys..:) Seems I'm not too far off getting it right...just a matter of the right configuration, to get the most out of the what I've got (given that it is not "state of the art" stuff.)

    Bam, here are the model numbers etc mate..

    BLU-RAY : Panasonic DMP-BD60
    DVD : Poineer DV-410V
    LCD Dispaly : 37" Panasonic Viera TH-L37S10A
    AMP : Sherwood RD-6513 (has 5.1 surround, dolby etc, but I'm just running stereo) In the amp book, it says that it will just pass through the HDMI signal "untouched" - original data.

    I hope that makes sense to ya mate...? Yell if you need more info...

    Meantime, I will trey the few different configs the other blokes suggested just for my own curiosities sake.

  8. Doesn't sound like the amp supports audio over HDMI....
  9. and it sounds like you need some other HDMI cables.

    I've got some spare here somewh...here they are!

    Lets say...oh..$200 the lot?


  10. Turn it off and turn it back on again.
  11. This works good! :)) thanks mate :)

  12. John,

    Checked the models you have and I was right, the receiver doesnt support HDMI audio at all. Its just basically a switching device.

    If youre only using stereo speakers, then the way you have it hooked up is fine. Not ideal but will definitely do the job. But, if you do decide to use surround sound, having it hooked up this way will not work. Your amp will only see a stereo signal out of the TV and therefor, dolby digital and DTS etc wont be available.

    The ideal way to do it would be to run a hdmi and a coaxial/optical from both players in to the amplifier and then a single HDMI in to the tv. You would then use the amplifier to switch between either player. But, its all irrelevant if youre only using stereo at the moment.

    quick question,

    Why a DVD player and a Blu-ray player? The Panasonic Blu-ray will do a MUCH better job of DVD than the Pioneer will.
  13. I was going to ask the same dvd question. A bluray should be downward compatible to dvd... ?
  14. This is great info to have - thanks very much mate - Means alot to me....I will save it for future reference, if that's ok.

    I already had the dvd player and then bought the blu-ray later. :)

    So I was using the DVD player for dvd stuff to save ware and tear on the bluray...but if you think I'm missing out on quality then I'll use the blue ray all the time.?
    Again, thanks for the effort to dig into it a little bit and get me sorted...:)))

  15. Happy to help mate. Ive gained many a useful tip about riding from your posts in the past. :)

    Technically speaking, the blu-ray should do a better job at playing DVD than the pioneer DVD player. But in reality the difference, although noticable, isnt dramatic. A keen eye would pick the difference tho.

    You will save wear and tear on the units doing it this way though.