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home security.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. anybody got any recommendations for camera set-ups and or those motion light sensors.

    i need to up the "fcuk-off" factor on the exterior of my place cus it's of concern of late.

    i think somebody's had a looksee at taking the letterbox recently, of all things. fcukers! luckily i pre-empted this by welding the nuts to the bolts!
  2. Get a big dog instead. You should be able to get one cheap from RSPCA.
  3. If you only want it for the visual effect to show you have one, just get a fake one and save yourself the $$$. Even if you capture the little plick on camera, cops will do nothing anyways.
  4. I can recommend you DO NOT buy Arlec motion sensing lights. I bought two, and they went berserk after six months, false ons, on all day, chattering relays etc. Also came with an unusual (and hard to find) bulb size. Junk!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. +1 For the big dog. WE have 2 dogs 1 is a German Shepherd the other is a shepherd x blue healer and we never have any trouble. The neighbours have had plants stolen and windows broken but not us. When our house was the last in the street (new estate) we had some idiot try and jump the fence at about 2 in the morning. He woke the dogs and has not been back since. :grin:
  6. super glue dirty needles where you think their fingers would go
  7. Don't do too many (or any) of this type of thing. It can end up with the only people to get pricked from them are the people who live at the house. Mouth summed it up fairly good, it's best to spend less on protection as "good" thieves know all the tricks anyway as they have a vested interest in knowing what people are likely to do. Also if you do get cameras, showing footage of balacava clad thieves kinda won't help :?

    Best (and sadly, about the only ) thing to spend money on is good insurance. It also helps to have a "plain", if not run down place. I've always looked for places that don't look "great" to look at as well, you only spend 20-30 seconds seeing in when you enter it and the like. I prefer a nice inside (hidden away from scumbag thieves) that you look most of the time whilst inside :)
  8. +1 to good insurance

    then if stuff does go missing you get new stuff :)
  9. I had problems with street walking groups of wayward teenagers at the old house I lived at.
    One NYE they hijacked my letterbox, a neighbour up the street found it in his garden and returned it to me, with the junk mail still in it :LOL:
    I repaired the letterbox and hoped it was a one off NYE drunken prank, but alas it wasn't 2 weeks later I awoke to find the post the letterbox was on pushed over and the letterbox up a tree. :? :evil:
    I installed an empty alarm box out the front under the eaves(one of them white boxes with the blue light) I also put up a dummy camera and stuck warning stickers about the alarm/camera on my gate and window near the front door.
    Once again I fixed the letter box, but this time I made sure they would never damage it again.....
    I got a crank shaft from an old 4WD and cemented it about 2 ft into the ground then I welded the letterbox to the crankshaft.
    No bugger would ever be able to knock it over without doing themselves some serious injury like a hernia, I reckon it would ahve survived even it was hit by a car.
    The crank shaft looked peculiar, but it did have an unusual arty presence, it got lots of comments from visitors and neighbours. :grin:
  10. Caz, a simple sign saying "I'm a chick and I can weld" would have earnt sufficient respect from young rapscalians to assuage their desire to accost your innocent letterbox :)