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home maintainence

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Garfield, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. I am a bit new to this game, but have to do things myself, in the most economical way possible.
    Have decided to tackle one thing at a time. and would appreciate advice if there is a better/easier/cheaper way on each task.
    The first is the garage roller door. The other night I opened it to put out the garbage bins. It went up, but would not go down. The next door neighbour and I tried everything to get it down, then tried phone a friend etc, all no good. The garage opens directly into the house and where I live, security is a bit of a concern.
    So at some huge outrageous cost of hundreds & hundreds of dollars, an out of hours roller door mechanic came and finally got the roller door down.
    He gave me a big lecture about how stupid it was to spray Wd40 on all of the parts, said that was the cause of the problem, showed me the build up and said you have to remove it .
    This is what I am going to try and do tomorrow ( there is a lot of build up of the grime and it has attracted dirt and other inner city slime,to remove) What is the best way ?
    I have some Karcher, non corrosive degreaser. Will that work? Petrol?

  2. Well, I've never fixed a garage door before, but I would stay away from petrol for this!

    Degreaser from supercheap auto will do the job, you can get it spray cans or in bulk, that & a heap of raps will do the job.

    What did the guy recommend to lubricate the door with?
  3. Well he did not recommend anythihg, but in the course of the day, I spoke to a good friend, who was after a favour, and in return, I asked this question.
    He recommended a silocone product, which he says he sprays his roller door with regularly. As he builds very good race bikes, I will buy this product and do the maintainance, but first I have to get rid of the gunk the Wd stuff has attracted.
  4. I'm surprised he didn't tell you during his lecture what to use, but if he takes the time to give a lecture, might be able to just call him and ask.
  5. the "lecture" was about the perils of using WD40 and the damage it had caused.
    do not have his number directly, just the company that provided the after hour roller door service!
  6. thanks,
    first I am trying to get off the WD40 build up!
    Think I need something stronger than the stuff I am using.
  7. Where was WD40 sprayed? on the roller guides/runners? Wipe excess WD40 off with a cloth first, spray some degreaser, hit with the karcher. Let it dry and spray some of that silicon stuff on it. Instead of silicon, you can also get some dry lubricant...you can buy graphite sticks...and rub it on the runners.

    I think you can use acetone or kerosene to remove the grime off the runners if nothing else works.

    Also do you have an automated roller door or manual?

    My roller door is automated and when I moved in the roller doors were stuffed as well, but lucky the previous owner did not attack it with WD40. I sprayed some silicon spray on the runners, opened and closed the roller doors manually and sprayed some more silicon on it. Did this about 3 times and now the roller door moves freely and the motor doesn't struggle.
  8. Don't use petrol. It's horribly toxic and, more importantly, any passing smoker risks blowing you up as the fumes can travel 20-30 m or more given the right conditions.

    Any proprietary degreaser and a bit of elbow grease will do the job. If the build-up is really thick it's a good idea to physically scrape off the worst of it with something like a palette knife first, before applying the degreaser. Even then, it might take several applications. A good tool for this is a cheapo 25mm paint brush with the bristles cut down to about half length to stiffen them up so you can really get a good scrubbing action on the degreaser.

    Dry glide sounds good. I'm a great believer in powdered graphite (available from SuperCheap or Repco among others) for anything to do with doors and locks. Works brilliantly and won't gum up the works.
  9. Thanks PatB, started on the task this morning with the stuff I had, a karcher product, It was useless. Did find a very good wooden brush in the garage & started using that & elbow grease. Then a friend who is 6' 3" tall'sh & his guests, on the way from Sth Gippy to Swan Hill called in at 11'sh. He very kindly offered to do some "high stuff", like light globes and told me all about what light globes I should use, and wattage and all sorts of other amazing stuff to do with saving energy in the house, that I had no idea about. So, I served lunch, which was good and a cracker of conversation.
    After they left, I went back to the task, used up all of the useless "karcher"stuff and relised that removing WD40 stuff is fraught with peril.
    So now I have plan "B". That is next week, it is the annual Kenny Blake lunch, and once again, I am accomodating some of the interstaters. They can use petrol to get off the gunk,
    these people are used to using petrol.
    If the house blows up I will let you know!