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Home made tools

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by shanekfalcon, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    During the last week a friend and I changed the steering head bearings and front wheel bearings on a 2010 Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere.

    It was a bit of a case of the blind leading the visually impaired, but we got there in the end. One of the problems was the lack of suitable tools such as steering stem bearing installer, long punches and so on. We worked through them and part of the process included making a press for the races using 12 mm threaded rod and steel tube. It got me thinking about different jobs I would like to do in the future and the required tools. There is no way I will buy them all but next week I am up back on the farm and I will have a few spare hours on Saturday and be able to do stuff in the workshop, so I can make some of the tools up. So here are the questions:

    Steel tube for the steering stem bearing. What is the ideal size for the inner diameter. I think its 25 mm but not sure. I'm guessing that the length should be 35 cms but would appreciate any advice on that too.

    Cartridge road holding tool for the DRZ400s. How wide should the centre slot be? I was thinking 8 mm but something nags me that it may need to be as small as 6 mm and so I thought I should check.

    Are there any other basic hand tools that I should be looking at making that I haven't thought of yet?
  2. Sheet metal bender. I didn't know how much I needed one until I built one.
  3. Hi Middo, excellent idea. What size did you make and do you have a website or youtube clip I can have a look at? That's a nice selection of bikes you have there, how does the XVS250 go?


  4. I built mine about 1.2 m wide. It is actually a little too big, and the clamp struggles to hold down steel that is wider then 600mm, I would suggest 900m unless you specifically need it wider. I based mine on this one:

    The xvs250 is a great learners bike. I don't ride it much anymore with the bigger bikes in the shed, but my son now uses it. The main problem I have with it is I live in the country, and to get anywhere I need to ride for at least 20 kms on a 110 km/h highway with road trains, and it can be stuck doing 90 into a strong headwind. Not much fun being overtaken by a road train.
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  5. That's a very neat piece of kit and far less complicated that I expected. Will add it to my list. Thanks.
  6. for knocking out Wheel Bearings, I use a large Dyna Bolt.
    Just find one that fits snuggly into the inside race diameter, then tighten the Dynabolt nut to expand the outer casing to get a tight fit, this gives a nice flat surface to hit on from the inside-out.
    Remember, to put the new Wheel bearing in the freezer for half-an-hour before installation, and use a heat gun on the hub. Then the new bearing will almost fall in (if need be use the old bearing as something to tap it in, just don't get the old bearing stuck in there too)
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  7. We should have done the dynabolt and freezer thing on the steering head bearings, that's for sure. I'll add that to my list of things to do better next time. I think I will do my DR800 wheel bearings in the near future.