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Home made tools for fixin stuff

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Brucey, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Well if anybody has been following the thread beast on a budget ala CX500 I have been posting some of my photos on a cx500 cafe project of my own

    i have finished the frame and headstems etc and painted them up okay until i got to the forks the best tubes ala rust pits etc where bent 3 mm

    used some vee blocks and a pointer at this stage so well off to work and use the press i thought but looking across at my home made tube bender at this stage with its 35 mm die set only an evil plan took hold

    out with some coke cans to wrap around the tubes and some marks to identify the high spots and three goes between the vee blocks and the bender and what do you know straight forks

    not bad for about 20 minutes work i thought so here is the evidence



    Final set up was with a dial indicator and within 0.1 so on wards with the fork rebuild
  2. is that a rorty bender? do you have any other die sizes?
  3. Nah mate its a copy of the JD2 design i didnt need to buy em there free of the net if you now where to look :cool:

    At the moment got a 35 mm die only and a half done 38 mm still need to make 25 28 32 etc they take time to make from solid as you can imagine 50 mm plate flame cut to 9.5"

    The next die will be a laminate job from timber and steel discs it doesnt cost that much and will be quicker to make.
  4. i am friends with a jd squared dealer but they're still too pricey for my use at the moment. but it's good to know somebody has one!
  5. hmmm... interesting... i clearly have much to learn...
  6. Umm NAM i didnt buy it i made it

    cost me about 80 bucks in steel / fastners and scrounging etc

    its a jd2 style and will take there standard dies and followers though
    is your friend the distributor in Aus cause i coundnt find anyone here that even knew about them
  7. yeah i know you made it. that's cool as. i'm halfway through my rorty bender build up.

    peter antunac http://opw.com.au is a jd squared distributor
    you might save a bit of time just buying the dies

    cool job on the bender though