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Home Made (Stand)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Kubira, May 28, 2009.

  1. Just made this lil thinga, works well. I can do 200kph, standing next to it !!



  2. very nice, cost less than an Anderson, probably, so a bargain
  3. Not as pretty as an Anderson, but that doesn't matter.
  4. Nice,
    I would put small wheels on it so it rolls and is a little easier like bought ones. But that's just me
  5. :grin:

    thats my next step, i gotta locate some wheels that will fit nice.
  6. I like it - very ghetto. In a good way :grin:

    fwiw I don't like the sound of you running the bike to 200kph unloaded on the stand. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But hey, just make sure you're filming it when it explodes/falls of the stand :p :LOL:
  7. Beaut bit of work!
  8. homemade stuff is great.... but when when it brakes and you drop your bike you have no-one to blame
  9. One thing that I have thought of to add with the aobve comments of breaking etc, would be a support beam on both sides.

    At work so I can't upload a pic to show
  10. Little more welding and you've got yourself a swingarm!! :LOL: :LOL:

    I echo the above sentiment of it needing a bit of a strut on either side just in case
  11. Those welds are super tough, but if i wanna proply work on the bike i will need reinf. the arms.

    hmm, where to find some more aluminium :roll:
  12. All Done !!! [​IMG]


    I checked out some ridgy didge ones at the shop, mines better. :p , soooo much lighter :roll:
  13. Well Done !!!
  14. Nice work.

    Any chance of a pic to see the ends where it goes onto the swingarm?
  15. awesome... now start selling them!
  16. nice DIY :)

    Nice clean tread's aswell ;)
  17. [​IMG]

    this i found online, too dark for photos.. Is that what u were after?
  18. I meant the end of the stand, would like to know if it goes to a spool or a L bracket and to see how you did it.
  19. Ok, I just drilled a hole thru the end, wrapped a few layers of 100mph to prevent rubbing swingarm on stand legs, 2x75ml stainless steel bolts to secure to the arm, and thats about it!!

    I might, add some stand bolts(spool) or somethn later on for quick release/secure, but this will suffice for now

  20. Thanks for that. might look at getting the missus brother to make up something similar like it.
    Need to make use of him being a boilermaker.