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Home made snickers bars

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Need I say more?

    I am going to try this one day. One day soon.
  2. I have a week to go before I have a cholesterol blood test, Josh, why did you have to post that NOW??

    Am definitely going to try this one day. One day soon.
  3. Because I only just found out it was possible! Damned sugar and its tastyness
  4. meee likely very much

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  5. i've been known to make milky ways and cherry ripes. Been tempted to make turkish delight.

    That's a great recipe format.
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  7. 0_0

    Do want.
  8. I put on 2kgs just reading the recipe; and my orthodontist called saying that he has brought forward my next appointment.
  9. made this yesterday.


    cple more days till i finish it off.

    about a wk or so until i crave something else...

    mmm, might have to give this a go...
  10. that looks awesome; recipe?
  11. here you go: choc fudge cake
  12. Somethings are worth making, like that pimped out creme egg, some things you should just buy, like a snickers bar. :)
  13. I've got a great recipe for a picnic bar. It'll be ready in 4 hours or so. I'll post a pic.... =D
  14. Why do people ruin chocolate by filling it with peanuts? I like chocolate and I like peanuts but the combination of the two is foul. Honestly, I'd rather have sardines in my chocolate bar.

    Mars bar slice for the win. :)
  15. :grin:

    caramel slice: