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Home loan

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kingy, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys


    myself and my newly wife just bought out first house in Wollongong NSW..

    we exchanged contracts on the 22/12/11 meaning we just got in for the first home buyers grant woot.. paid out 15% deposit and off we went..

    NOW its all turned to shyt... all the bank loan forms we sent off came back because they spelt my name wrong MATTHEW with 2 Ts i only have 1.. DOH !!!! even tho its says MATHEW its not me so we had to refill out all the paperwork again and send it back... get a phone call from out Broker yesterday ohhh i have lost all your first home buyers grant paperwork and ur no longer entitled to it seeing its now after 2011.... even tho we signed and gave him the original papers in 2011.
    so after a heap of abusive phone calls they are going to see what they can do for us... this MONDAY 16/1/12 is suppose to be the settlement date. we still don't even have the loan papers in our hands nor have we seen them.. the 5 day cooling off period was over 3 weeks ago and the the solicitor has informed we need the coin by Monday..

    Broker wont answer his phone now contacted this WELL KNOWN HOME LOAN LENDING COMPANY who are washing there hands with it..

    i have pulled my hair out stressing and have a newly wife in tears .. we are currently living out of boxes and we need to be out of our rental next Friday...

    sorry for rant but feels good to get it out there
  2. Man that sucks sorry to hear that.

    1. Get back in touch with the sol/conveyancer (or check the sale contract yourself) to see how long before the sellers can enforce and what you may be up for (from memory you still may have another week or two grace). Also make sure they are aware of the scenario ask them to contact the vendor and see how accomodating they may be - no one likes to see a sale fall through so they may be prepared to extend the settlement date.
    2. Contact the Office of State Revenue - from what I recall they administer the FHB scheme and see what info/app/paperwork they have of yours and what can be done at that end (also check this with your sol as they may already be on to this) and if its all bad news there are normally some appeal rights with all gov't policy - although I have no direct knowledge about this situation - so check into that too.
    3. Don't hang around waiting for your dirtbag broker - there are plenty others out there that would be more than happy to get the commission - there are generally not many sales/settlements happening at this time as most people like to move into their new home before xmas so I'm sure there'd be a few happy to put in the legwork for a quick payday. You should be able to get approval within 24-48hours if you have all the paperwork at hand. Let me know if you want a referral but the brokers I know are all in Sydney.

    Last of all don't hang around - take the day off if you need to - if they do enforce and you are unable to proceed it may be a very costly exercise.

    Best of luck - let us know how it works out.

    EDIT: also see hear re complaning about your broker:
    maybe this might get him moving

    PS have you considered how long it may take to change your name with Mattew with two T's
  3. That is crap mate, sorry to hear about it. Buying a home is stressful as!

    Is it possible to cut out the middle man and go directly to the department which sorts out FHOG's? Explain situation - send copies of original signed contracts etc?? Maybe they will accept your positions and pay the money??

  4. cheers mate.. i live in Sydney and commute to the gong everyday.

    we are on this Brokers Back... the office of state revenue don't have any of our paperwork.
    we gave them everything including photo copy's of all our documents signed by a JP.
    i just contacted the Solicitor and they are onto it for me and said they can hold back settlement till the 1/02/12... fingers crossed this all happens man after all the stress that we have just been through has already put my newly marriage to the braking point. just hot tempers flying around the room ....
  5. Good luck mate, buying a house is a stressfull horrible thing normally. Nothing like the happy cuddly real-estate ads! And that is without the issues you've had.

    It'll make that first night that much more rewarding when you get in there.
  6. +1 with this. If the sale falls through the vendors will have to pay for more advertising etc. They want it to go through so talk to the agent. Let everyone know.

    As for the first home owners grant, consider seeing a solicitor about preparing to sue the people who lost your paperwork. They have caused the loss, and therefore are responsible for rectifying it. It would obviously be better to no go down this path, but be prepared.
  7. Yep!.. it's certainly stressfull to be sure!...

    I must say, from your original post, the guys you are dealing with don't sound like they are on the ball at all!.

    When I got my current place, I dealt with Aussie Home Loans, they were absolutely fanstastic in getting me a great home load and also making sure it all went through smoothly. They also recommended a fab Conveyancer, who actually managed to negotiate a price reduction based on the building reports (no biggie, but she picked up on it!).

    I'm so sorry that you and your wife are having problems with getting your place and I hope that you get it all sorted soon.
  8. thats who i am talking about ](*,)
  9. Just got off the Phone from him.. he has found paperwork and taking it straight to the bank personally
  10. Oh!!.... f*ck!!... sorry!!.... :facepalm:

    (obviously my experice with them was totally different to your current one!!)
  11. thats ok lets hope the bank get the paperwork today
  12. I'm sorry for all the s*&t you're going thru. Hope it all turns out.

    On the marriage front, both take a deep breath, smile at each other and have a hug. This isn't your fault, and it isn't the missus' fault. It's horrible when stressful stuff interferes with a relationship - it isn't worth it. I know it's easier said than done, but please take a moment to pull yourselves together again relationship wise so you can face this together, no matter what happens.
  13. i would hug her if i could she took off down the south coast of NSW camping while i am stuck at work in an office dealing with shyt customers and banks lol.. thanks all for the support.. just been very stressful couple of weeks and alot of things thrown across the workplace lol... it has to be all worth it in the end
  14. i just called Aussie and spoke to some big bloke within the company.... within 7min of that phone call i get a phone call from my BANK saying that they have received the paperwork and contract and will arrange a time next week to transfer... woot finally some very good news ... took a bit of pulling our hair out and some nice words lol but now atleast we have an answer
  15. =D>=D>=D>
  16. Great news - enjoy a drink tonight a bit of time to relax with your better half - do keep tabs on everything though and maintain your own records of all calls and paperwork that passes through your hands including date/time persons name, their office, employee number etc and what they told you, repeat it back to them to ensure there is no misundestanding in case anything slips through - but you should really be in the clear now.
  17. :) Good news!

    So how much hair did you pull out??? ;)
  18. heaps of hair lol my partner is away camping down the coast she is wrapped.. i am sitting at my office desk enjoy a nice cold coke lol... awaiting the taste of beer when i arrive home...

    yeh i made sure i got all the details on the big bloke and i even got his mobile number so if anything goes south i will be straight on the phone...
  19. i know how u feel, i had a hard time when i bought my 1st home, was a nightmare
  20. Well done; congratulations.