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Home LAN/Wireless Help!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Ok I took the plunge and bought myself a laptop and a modem/router so I can be a complete couch potato! Any way I have one desktop PC hardwired to the router and one laptop connecting via wireless.
    I unpacked everything and started fiddiling (could be the problem right there!). Had initial problems trying to figure out settings etc but then it seemed to work.......But!


    Internet drops out regularly on hardwired PC. I used to leave it connected for days when using the old modem. But now I have to restart the router when it drops out.

    Wireless connection to laptop is dodgy. It finds the link easily but comes up "limited conectivity" blah blah and won't work.

    This morning Nortons AV (Came with it) has a DLL/Debugger error and wants to be uninstalled.

    Arrrrrgggghhhh $&^%^$, &%###%^, *^$$%&, %$%^kn Computers!

    I'm tempted to get rid of all LAN settings etc and start all over again. How do I do this? Although routers dropping the internet seems to be a common problem when searched for on the net.

    I do use a peer to peer file sharing program but have never had trouble with it before. But I am getting a lot of NAT errors etc now.

    The modem / router is a Belkin F5D7633au4A ADSL2+ Wireless G

    Anyone got a step by step guide to set up this type of thing without the use of mind altering drugs? :wink:
  2. Not a pro but here are a few tips..

    check www.whirlpool.net.au to see if anyone else have the problem with that particular router.

    Disable your firewall or AV to see if it works.. happen to me before because my PC firewall is not letting the traffic through. (use the firewall in the router.. if it comes with one?)

    Any other household items using the 2.4Ghz range? Might be a conflict there somewhere.. turn it off and see if it helps.. you might want to go through the settings in the router to fine tune it.

    Use netstumble to check the signal strength...

    I'd suspect the AV/Firewall product is playing up and not allowing traffic through.
  3. Put P2P connections to say, 900-1000 (if Belkin router NAT table is 1500 entries which I think it is IIRC). That way you aren't getting more NAT entries for the router that then causes it to drop out.
  4. Good point there Undii I think that could be the problem related to the Internet dropping.

    As for the Lappy not being able to connect it seems that work has been having problems with on board WiFi. They have tried external cards and they seem to work fine.

    I'm going to delete all settings and reset the router to factory and then try to read the book and set everything up right.
  5. Uninstall Norton anything.

    Turn off all firewalls.

    Connect everything and run Network Wizard on everything.

    As far as it dropping out - we have Bigpond cable and it's the most annoying thing in the world when it just times out. It has no reconnect feature for that - if it gets disconnected or has an error, it'll try again - but a timeout and it just sits there :(
  6. If your laptop is bluetooth equipped, turn the bluetooth off. I have problems with my wireless connection whenever the bluetooth is turned on.
  7. No blue tooth on it (I think). Local IT here at work reccomended making my two puters static IP addresses? Aparently this is not my Internet IP but network side of the router. They said it can help stability?
  8. Whats between your router and the couch where you use the laptop? We have connection problems at home due to concrete walls that reduce the connection.
    Check out the appropriate website to sort out troubleshooting.
  9. The desk that I'm using to set it up is about 5m away from the router and there are no walls etc in line of sight. The signal strength meter shows all bars full.
  10. Might pay to get an antenna that has some boost. I.e http://www.techtopia.com.au/index.php/cPath/1_19_50

    I use a 5db gain omni and I have the antenna + wireless router in lounge room. Lets me get (almost) full strength from anywhere in house + out in the garage :) Very very handy.
  11. While we're talking about this, I set up a similar thing for a mate today. He bought a Netgear ADSL2+ wireless router/modem. We replaced the existing Telstra Bigpond supplied Siemens modem with it. I got the modem up and running with the hardwired PC connected to it.

    I then configured the wireless bit, WPA encryption, etc. Then set up his near new Dell laptop with built in wireless adapter. It connects to the 'net OK. But neither PC can see each other.

    The Netgear is running as a DHCP server and on the PC and laptop, the internet network settings are automatically assigned.

    Each computer has sharing enabled for their hard discs and printer. But I cannot see the network on the laptop, but can see it on the PC.

    Any ideas?
  12. mjt57: Have you got the computers set to same workname (if you don't have a windows domain)
  13. Ha! It works!!!!


    The internet drops out sometimes and I can't get it to re-connect without resetting the router. I noticed a setting in the router which say auto dial if browser opened. I ticked that but opening Firefox / IE comes back with the unable to connect error. I'm going to ring their helpdesk tonight to see If I can get it fixed.

    Thanks all.

  14. What do you mean by auto-dial if browser opened? Never heard of a router having that, just operating systems (like Windows) And FF/IE would have no direct impact on a router setting of "Browser" only for auto connect to net if needed. My router/gateway has:

    Connect On Demand [max idle time] or
    Keep Alive [Redial Period]

    I have Connect On Demand ticked. I'd say you are most likely dropping the wireless connection therefore not being able to access the net. When you can't access the internet, can you open your router's config page/status etc page?
  15. Last night I reset everything to factory default (HEHEHE Homer "De Fault", sorry) and then set up as per book. Everything worked :grin:.

    Started up desktop this morning to check e-mail and "unable to connect to server blah blah". Checked router by IP address 169.?.?.? whatever and it says "Connected" but Firefox etc can't seem to see it. Restarted router from console and the internet worked. There was a screen there in the Router set-up console that said dial on demand or something. I checked that box. There was also an "idle timeout disconnect" can be set for up to 4300 minutes? I tried setting it to 0 (forever) as someone suggested to me but it came back as error must be between 1 and 4363 or something.

    I'll call their help desk as it gets pretty good reviews as opposed to their products (Belkin that is) :roll:
  16. Just put in a high number. 4000 minutes is a long time ;)