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Home job respray

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by CharlieBrown, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, after being qouted up to $350 a fairing for a respray I thought I'd look into doing it myself. Has anybody attempted to try this at home? I don't have a spray gun but with holidays coming up I'll have plenty of time!

  2. What kind of bike? Sometimes the fairings are cheaper to buy new or from a wreckers.
  3. ZZR250, ive got some new fairings for it already, unfortunatly the top fairngs are all fiberglass but only paid $250 for the whole set. Little more than I needed but can always sell off the rest.
  4. tat ta ra ra ra

    wrote a a guide a few months ago


    I u wana save money get some paint matched in acrylic and use a brush.
    350 will cover paint supplies and a cheop spray gun if u want to do it properly
  5. Thanks Zbike thats exactly what I needed. Tried out the actetone repair I mentioned in my other thread and it worked out a treat. Used it on the front fairing (the one that sits between the left and right bolow the headlight). A piece had clean snapped off.

    Stuck them together by painting down the ends of both peices with the acetone and that got them sticking togather. Then I got shavings of ABS plastic, using a cheese grater but no need to mention that to the housemates :grin: , and disolved it into some more acetone. This made a putty which i used to fill the gaps and give a bit more strength to it.

    Was a bit soft at first but by the next day it seemed to be as good as gold! Stocked, really easy and now know I can do it for next time!
  6. cool. glad to know it works,

    I i prefer welding but for DIY the acteone stuff would be the shiz.

    Post up what u pink of the guide and if u got any Q's