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Home grown and modified

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Craigh, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. From a discussion in other thread we thought it would be cool to collect some photos of the home built and highly modified race bikes that we have ridden or photographed.

    Back in the 80's I had series of modified TZ yamaha's
    starting with a

    1. Chris Dowde modified RD Chasis / TZ engine. With 2.5 inch rims it handled great but would squirm from one side of the track to the other.

    2. Later Chris cut the back of a TZ 350 engine for me and we stuck into a Tz 250 j frame - one of the best handling most fun bikes I rode.

    3. I got some big bore cylinders from england for my 350 and turned it into a 415 cc - big disaster

    4. Oversize Hans Hummel cylinders for a tz 250 made it into about 316 cc from memory. This was great, fast but fragile, about 1989 I think got a b grade lap record at bathurst then a piston exploded in the next race and blew the engine apart

    5. The biggest challenge and the one that finally beat me.
    TZ500 bottom end and we cast up spacers to put in honda reed valves with late model tz 250 cylinders on top. Frame was a spondon from england. We never got the thing to produce the horsepower it should have on paper and the back end used to squat really bad out of corners and run wide finally started to get on top of the back end by making new linkages etc. but never did get the motor to produce the horsepower it should have.
    We called it a hardon but really left me with a soft on!

    photo below.

    If you have some photos of unique bikes with some background info please share it makes me feel better to know there were others as wierd as me. :grin:

  2. oops sorry bout the size of the photo will have to learn to resize the file before posting

    ok worked out how to resize - thats better
  3. Chris Dowde's workshop is just down the street from me. He also built the Suzuki GSXR1100 that Russell Davis used to ride. It was making 169rwhp in 1997, which was pretty impressive. Russell rode it at the last Bathurst in 2000.

    I must dig up the photos of the Shadowfax Kawasaki, a prototype bike that some mates in Canberra built to compete in the Coca Cola 800. Fast as a cut snake but it kept wearing out alternator covers.

    Kent took it to Bathurst in 1980 (iirc) and chucked it into the fence at McPhillamy, doing it and himself untold damage. He was in Casualty in the room next door to Dennis Neill which he said was pretty unnerving. :shock:

    I still have the bike in a million bits in my garage.
  4. Why not rebuild it?
  5. $$$$$$$$$ :roll:
  6. It is worth nothing in boxes
  7. Home grown kiwi

    This has to be one of the most radical bikes I've seen, everywhere you look at the thing it so well thought out and engineered.

    I don't know a real lot about the history though and only saw it the one time at bathurst, from memeory John Britten died about two years later, from the bits I read the guy was brilliant and the bikes performed well in NZ although it had problems at bathurst in 93.

    Does anyone know more of the britten story or have more photos of the bike?
  8. c'mon Rog, where are you, you Britten tragic :LOL:?
  9. I'm here.