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Home & Contents Insurance HELP

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by V2, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    Suncorp has just bumped our home insurance up $300 because they say we are now in a "flood zone!". I've had a gut full. Any recomendations on good home insurance that is reasonable priced and will pay on claims if required?
  2. OK - so its a boring topic!

    So no-one has got insurance that does not suck?
  3. Shannons got my bike, car, building and contents insurance.

    I thought brisbane was in like stage 13,434,562,452,341,234,123,4512,346 water restrictions. Where's the flood potential? :grin:
  4. Ask them if they insure you for floods. Flood coverage is rare so chances are they don't cover you for it anyway (My parents tried to get flood coverage in Benalla and couldn't. Then when 80% of the town went under water in 93 and their house stayed dry the insurance co rang and offered coverage to them. Naturally they refused the offer). If they don't, then it may pay to ask why your premium should go up for a factor they don't cover.

    If on the off chance you are covered for floods, then you could always drop that from your policy or shop around. :)

    Too much rain and not enough buckets. :wink:
  5. If i was you i would be finding out what they are on about in terms of the flooding. If you are in the Brisbane City Council jurisdiction, ring up 34038888 and ask the operator to email you a free flood report on your property to see if there is really an issue. If you need help interpreting it, send me a PM.

    In terms of insurance, ive found RACQ good.