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Home Brewed Yamaha TW200

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LM40, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    I moved to Camperdown about a year ago, about a block away from DeusExWashingMachina and as you do (I wasn't a rider then but I was a petrol head) you stray into these kinda places with all their shiny fuel/money wasting machines. Oh my I thought, smaller than a car, less expense than a racecar, potentially faster too and endless modification potential.
    it took them six months to wear me down and I bought a stock standard covered in blue plastic yamaha TW200 as our first go at a bike. me and the wife got our L's and decided that the 200 was a good starting point as its only got 16hp and would be easy to sell on if we didn't like it.
    God that blue plastic was awful.
    So as intended I took it apart over xmas, got a tank and light from the breakers in Moree and did what I thought needed to be done.


    if you see me trundling round inner sydney give us a wave!

    next bike will be something inspired by my Gran who rode an Ariel Square4 before WW2
  2. Very nice indeed.

    You may need to put some sort of mudgards on it tho. Or the boys in blue may defect you.

  3. Good effort, looks like much more than tank and light change :cool:

    Pics of front and back be nice to see as well :grin:
  4. Good work, looks great. Must make an awesome urban warrior bike :cool:
  5. wow! that looks awesome, id love to build something along those lines!

    how much did it end up costing? source many parts from OS? hows it ride?
  6. Point noted ;)

    A boy in blue pulled me over for speeding (unmarked XR8), had a good look at the bike and told me off for having a horizontal number plate. I changed it for a smaller black and white plate and cut the top 'nsw' bit off so it can hang nicely under the rear light. he didn't say anything about the mudguards or no chain guard but I am expecting it to be picked up on one day.

    what do I have to go through if i get a defect notice??
  7. front



  8. way too much!

    tank and headlight from scrapyard
    indicators, bars and stop light from that bike place down past newtown on the right that sells royal enfields
    tyres, swingarm, exhaust, grips, mirrors from Deus
    smaller rear sprocket from germany
    seat - the wife trimmed it using a $20 leather skirt from vinnies :)
    electrics and battery from Jaycar

    How it rides?
    well iv'e never ridden anything else but I bet you $10 it rides like a heap of shit compared to 99% of other bikes :):)
    top speed =110
    corners - scary
    acceleration - gets beaten by taxis

  9. As long as you enjoy it mate, thats all that counts! Looks like a little ripper!
  10. Great bike, I had one for a while. I like the Sunbeam-esque paint scheme too.

    Watch out for your muffler - I had a supersound one on my SR and it melted off. Hunk of shit.
  11. i must admit when I bought tit I naturally assumed it was a supertrapp, i had no idea someone had taken the trouble to rip off such a shit exhaust :LOL:
  12. That looks really cool, reminds of one type of bike I saw in when I was in Japan that I never thought I'd ever see here.
  13. Did you spray it that colour?
  14. That's a classic mate! :LOL:
  15. yeah, its proper 2k primer and with a straight colour on top (mixed with gel matting agent) the inspiration was a Russian SU29 fighter jet that I saw at the Paris Air Show
    - not the one that crashed though - :?
  16. Hey great job on the TW, you should get some stencils made up and spray some matte black graphics and numbers on the tank like the fighter jets. I can understand that the cornering must be a bit wild with that fatty on the rear, do you find it "resisting" when you try to corner?
    Just wondering how you got the opinion that Supertrapps are shit. Have you had a bad experience with them on your other bikes? I'd always heard they were great especially for comp bikes. Now that i have one, I'm finding it fantastic, it's awesome to be able to tune your bike with the exhaust. Maybe they just don't work well with little cc bikes. I know they don't work well on cars either.
  17. Protecting Forks

    I love what you have done with this TW and the photos look great.
    It looks as though you have removed the rubber tubes off from the forks. I am thinking of doing the same to my SR400 but my only concern is water and dust getting down inside the top of the fork (the part that the rubber tube covered up) There are small plastic covers available to prevent dust etc from getting into your forks...

    Very unique!
  18. Nice work, functional! Very nice.
  19. Just did a full rebuild to race at Lake Gairdner
    74.318mph :)
  20. Great stuff, loving the bike...especially the 'zorst wrap and pod filter for the intake, haha!

    Keep on keeping on - boingk