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Holy scooter, batman

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Aug 30, 2013.

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  2. I see so many problems with there concept, also there theory on pollution is a little iffy is every scoot moped in the developing world a 2 stroke? i doubt it.

    • developing countries don't have great infrastructure this includes electricity, so i f poor mr banana farmer can barely afford to feed his family and his 2 stroke scooter is his only means of bringing his produce to town and his family the 50km to the nearest doctor what makes them think his dirt floor hut has mains power?
    • ever worked on a 2 stroke engine? or even a small 4stroke? its a piece of piss blown gasket? bit cardboard and your up and running again. every worked on an sealed electric engine with high voltages and batteries that could melt the bike in a few minutes if shorted?
    • only a 50x50x50 box to stick the cargo in that has to be square in shape? obviously they haven't seen the photos of bike swith 4 tones of rice in hessian sacks being carted on a super cub.
    • who's to say the rider will obey the safety warnings and only carry the prescribed weight in the prescribed cargo compartment?
    • the flat top of the scoot look s great for sitting mum the kids grand ma and grandpa comfortably.
    • i had an electric drill once that i pushed to hard, i overloaded the motor and then black acrid smoke came out of it... is this what will happen when the electric scoot is inevitably overloaded?
    • i see the ridder sits on the back of the scoot to counter balance the cargo load... what happens when he has no cargo and he is sitting over the back wheel does he just ride around on one wheeel?
    • a push pull system using linkages to steer... what happens when the linkages wear and get sloppy, doesn't sound to safe when you have to move the bars 2 inches before they start to move the wheel, also a very complex arrangment for a bike that should be easy to reapair and maintain.
    • what happens to all these batteries? are all these toxic chemicals going to go to land fill where they leach from the batteries into the table water, and slowly poison the locals?

    really want to develop a bike for the developing nations KISS.
  3. “That frees up the vehicle architecture to make it whatever we want it to be, and it also greatly simplifies the drivetrain making it cheaper to produce, cheaper to sell, and cheaper to the consumer,” he says.

    So we made it look like a fridge
  4. It is good to see designers thinking about alternatives for the third world but the electricity supply issue is the main sticking point. Many areas of India get power for 2 - 3 hours a day so not really suitable for electric vehicles on its own.

    I would say a small simple liquid fueled engine as a charge source coupled with electric storage and drive.
    • Increases range
    • Can back power the house requirements when the scooter is at home.
    By treating the scooter as a solution to transport and inconsistencies in power supply you can solve two problems. The scooter could run lighting, phone charging ,which is a third world problem, supply power for light weight education computers such as the OLPC
  5. Main problem is that its as ugly as all fcuk
  6. Looks like a good idea for the 1st world. You could get two kids car seats in that thing.
  7. or 4 asian kids without the car seats.
  8. Nice sharp edges on the cargo box. That'll come in handy for ripping your nuts off cleanly when you stack.