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Holy insurance doupers Batman!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy1600, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. God damn it, its true. I heard a while ago that Arista had put their premiums up this year but had as yet not seen any evidence. I just got my renewal. My premium has gone up about $200 yet Ive gained another 15% on my NCB. I called them and they told me that on average premiums have got up between 50 and 60% this year :shock:

    God damn it!!!! I was budgeting on paying about $1000 this year, instead its almost $1600.
  2. Try Western QBE, they undercut Swann by around $100 on my most recent quote.
  3. Swann were cheaper than QBE for me...
  4. Depends on the bike and circumstances, licence status etc. QBE wanted $236 for my bike, with a further 5% of because I've got H&C and car with them so $224/yr. Swann wanted $320. I asked them to match it, they wouldn't. Had to go with Swann in the end as QBE wouldn't insure me as I wasn't on L's at the time.
  5. Certainly pays to shop around, as different insurance companies can have totally different prices.
  6. When I shopped around last year Arista were minimum $1200 dollars cheaper than Swann, QBE, RACV and a few others that I called. It'll be interedting to see what they will want now as Ive been riding another year now and have a 45% NCB.
  7. If you hate insurance companies so much why give them your business? Whats 3rd party worth? Put your money where your mouth is & stop whining about it :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I just shopped around for mine,

    RACV were $2800
    GIO were $1400
    AAMI were $709
    QBE were $1350

    It all comes down to what you have... with my car, RACV were the cheapest and AAMI were the most.

    God damn insurance!

  9. This is one of the sillier things I've heard today.

    3rd party doesnt cover me if I fcuk up going thru Reefton one day does it? It doesnt cover me if i lose the front in a roundabout in the rain one night? If I were riding a shitter I wouldnt bother, but when Im riding around $9,000 worth of bike (currently insured for $10,500) then I want to know if I come off Im not up for thousands.
  10. Yeah, Well RACV whom im rating one with car quoted me $2100 for cbar600 and arista quoted me $1020 when guveb exact same details. RACV are not very bike friendly when it comes to insurance regardless of an impecable driving history, shame really for such a large auto club. Well i know where my $$$ are going.
  11. Weird, for my VTR250, RACV charge me $340 a yr for full comp. insurance. Maybe they hate engines bigger than 250cc?
  12. Yes, yes they do. A 250cc naked as opposed to a 900cc full faired.
  13. Try $2300 for me at QBE.... :shock: :evil: :x

    :D :D :D
  14. Roarin may have just been suggesting you insure yourself, and just go with 3rd party so you don't need to fork out for a Ferrari door when he pulls out in front of you!

    It's something I'll consider, depending on insurance costs when I get a larger bike. If I'm not quoted something less than $2k, I'll just put $2k away each year and insure myself.
  15. Hmm interesting, i have rating onw with racv, never had a claim ever. I got a quote for 800 dollars roughyl with racv with agreed value of 5200. With market value its 650.

    QBE was the best they gave me a quote for 1100????? I asked them why and was told the CBR 250 RR is a top sports bike and is a high risk bike. So how come a 250 cc can be a TOP NOTCH sports bike. Interesting...

    I asked her about beating racv and she said no to bad go with them so i guess i might go with racv...

    Any thoughts??
  16. My point exactly Tenoq. Put the money in your own pocket & quit whinging about giving it to others.
  17. Yeah, maybe if I wasnt a uni student living on $15,000 a year, completely self sufficient I would self insure. Nice one.

    Im complaining about the fact they put their premiums up 60% in one year.