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Holy F**k! I'll take 2!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by derick, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Those were my exact sentiments after a 25 minute fang on my neighbors '08 R1 with GYTR cans and power commander :woot: (not that i rode it anywhere to it's potential).....And I've only ever ridden my little vtr250..

    Thank you, that is all. :D

    *derick pushes his vtr off a cliff and makes it look like an accident...*
  2. I had the same thoughts after riding a blade. I loved the sheer, insanely unnecessary amount of power. So I bought one, and its awesome :)
  3. Dude let's swap neighbours! I dont' even command a nod from mine!
    And you're gettin rides on a tweaked 08R1. LOL!
  4. LMFAO! You're livin the dream! Good work! (y)
  5. I've been riding for 35 years, but the first time I rode a mate's 2007 Gixxer 750 my eyes were out on stalks...I mean, who needs that amount of power??? If I had the money, I'd have one in a heartbeat.
  6. I got on the R1 feeling like i was shagging a camels hump, took it real easy on my first launch with very smooth clutch and throttle control, thank goodness no stalling.
    As long as you keep the inputs smooth and linear all is good.
    Very smooth feeling during acceleration, shakes more in idle than in the higher revs...
    Took it blitzing up the highway from the closest on ramp, got off at the next ramp and did it all again a couple of times.
    Nothing in general was anymore difficult than on a 250. But in principle i am pro restrictions, just wish it was 6 months not 12.

    The GYTR pipes were exceptionally loud, it was comfortable(ie not too ear deafening) going at 105 in 3rd.
    Never came close to the red line...didn't want to....ok ok I got the hebie jeebies :D
    Cornering required more effort in counter steering and a bit of leaning...it wanted to go straight and very very fast.
    Oh and at 110c engine temp and sitting at a traffic light the radiator fan kicks in....thank god...
    Man , this thing turns heads everywhere (black and gold in color), not that I need any self validation or anything :D.

    Now all I need is a practical comparison with my other favorite, a '07 ZX-10R.
  7. I was afraid the bloody thing would just explode....they are amazing feats of engineering.
  8. any sports 1000cc bike would seem like a gift from satan compared to a 250.

    I'm still testing 1000cc bikes a R1 was the latest one and the GSXR1000 kicks its arse IMO just because it feels lighter and handles better.

    Still need to get one a newer CBR1000RR

    Ohh and i also love the GSXR750 Amazing machine, (just a wee bit too small)
  9. yep they're awesome, I jumped back on the 250 after a month on the r1 and was scared at how unsafe it felt. But i'm surprised to hear some saying the r1 doesn't feel light? I can't see how a 1000cc sports bike can feel lighter or handle any better than an 08 r1... Low rear tyre pressure maybe, or earlier model? Mine feels at home on the edge of the tyre :D

    In comparison to my zxr250 and a 00 model gsxr750, the r1 is several times better in the handling department, and even feels lighter than the 250 at low speeds.
  10. Hey. I had a similar feeling the other week. Im on a Spada (upgrade in 1 1/2 months). I rode down to Lorne (Great Ocean Road) then as we were about to head home my mate offered me his KTM Superduke for the return trip. That thing is amazing! I was cornering faster and loving the acceleration. I can't wait to get on something bigger (even though the Spada has been great). But your right, once you ride a powerful bike it is additive.
  11. < R1 rider.

    I upgraded from an 86 CBR 250 Hurricane to an 07 R1 (never riden a big bike before I got that) and took it easyish for the first 150 kms, (running in engine) then that got stolen just before I paid the rego after 12 months so got a new 08R1 from the insurance company (nice of them :) )

    but after you get used to it (few more 100 kms) and it's an awesome machine, mine is still stock as I've been moving houses etc so haven't had heaps of spare cash.

    Love the raw power of being able to blitz any cager off the lights, and being black gets many looks from people thinking "wow that looks fast even when it's parked" :p
  12. Funny, I rode one a couple of years ago for the first time and still take my sisters ZX10 and some other mates 600's out occasionally and I find them:

    Shit to ride at legal speeds low in the RPM band, useless powerband is hit. (Noticed this more with the ZX6 than the CBR600 and the bigger bikes feel a lot more rideable aorund the streets)
    Terrible handling at low speeds
    Chew heaps of fuel
    Bland engine, quick, but lacks personality.

    And if I owned one I'd probably think that...
    Chew through stupidly expensive tyres
    Expensive to insure

    But I suppose going quick is fun. But you can't get away with much anymore... and blasting everybody off at the lights time after time gets a little dull.
  13. anyone who think you need to put a Power Commander on an R1 or equivalent can't ride. I've seen guys on bulk stock 600's round up chew on and spit out guys on these kinds of modded bikes.

    BTW - in case you were wondering, I can't ride, not at that level, or really anything close to it. At best I get 65-70% out of my VFR
  14. Pretty bold statement, personally, if I was to put one on it would be soley for getting the fuelling right. Lots of people recommend it even when you put on a set of slip ons. If someone gets it just to increase power, then yeah they are pretty much kidding themselves, but its more to make the bike run a bit better, with the benefit of smoother midrange (most ride in this zone 95% of the time).
  15. That's a bit of rubbish Doonx. Many time the manufacturers lean out the power band and a certain rev area to pass emissions laws. This is often in the area you crack the throttle on while cranked over leading to a pretty $hitty throttle response (ie, too jerky, no power or a combination of these). Adding a power commander can sometimes smooth this transition out. I'll agree you don't need the extra three horsepower at 14500 revs, but a flat torque curve is a beautiful thing to behold.
  16. OK - perhaps I should have expressed myself a little more specifically. Yes I was referring to someone putting a PC on a litre sports bike using the reasoning that "it needs more power".

    No it doesn't NEED more power unless you are riding it at a 100% of it's power capabilities.

    As to using a PC for fuel delivery and or refining of the power delivery, then if it's really needed for those things, there are manufacturers out there making very poorly engineered sports bikes, and I'm pretty sure there are not waves of revolt in the bike riding community that would support this being the case.

    But that's just my opinion......
  17. Its always good to have more power i went from an rs 125 to a k7 gsxr 1000 and i still want more power don't need it but wouldn't mind a bit more.
    And the PC smoothing out the fueling again isn't usually a necessity but does make the bike nicer to ride my bikes pretty snatchy at anything below 3000rpm.
    About the gsxr vs the r1 ive ridden my mates r1 and i would say handling is pretty much on par however his brakes shit all over mine. But the suzuki engine is way better.
  18. Uh, no it doesn't. :p

  19. :nopity::nopity::nopity::nopity::nopity: