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Holy Crash batman *Vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wang chung, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. What happened to your hot little date, mat? did she have to get up for work in the morning :D
  2. Ahem,

    No it was getting close to midnight and the trains were gonna stop,
    so we both went home.

    Think i might be just friends with this one :?
  3. Dayem that crash was scary!! hope that he's alrite??

    how fast was he going you think? cause he did more of a superman than a batman there!!
  4. Thats GOTTA hurt
  5. So the moves are still in one peice?
  6. I like how every-one instantly runs to the riders aide , Geez , even the cars kept going .
  7. I find it funny how the cager decided to STOP in the middle of the road... I guess the biker figured the cager would continue on - and couldn't brake in time?

    What would you guys have done in the situation?

  8. i would have shot past the back end of the car instead of the front....
    the cagers only option is to continue moving forward... its not as if there suddenly going to stick it into reverse.
    looked very nawsty though :( :evil:
  9. Not much you can do when some sleepy tool decides to go straight across in front of you like that. Bend over, kiss your arse goodbye.