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Holy crap this is fun!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gobberwart, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Got my L's a couple of weeks ago, and picked up my bike yesterday (Yamaha VStar 650 - pics elsewhere on here). Couldn't ride yesterday other than bringing it home from the dealer. 10km trip and I was too nervous to really enjoy it. Today though, I had a couple of hours free so thought I'd go for a few laps of the block and start to get the hang of it. Slow speed stuff, no main roads, just practicing because I'm a total noob and my only road bike experience was my learner's course.

    So, three hours and 80km later and I had to reluctantly park it again because of family commitments, but I'm itching to get out there again.

    I know 80km in 3 hours doesn't sound like much, but considering I spent the first hour just practicing in back streets before venturing out onto the main roads (you know, like I said I wasn't going to do) and then back into the back streets again, it's way more than I expected. I kept going past the house planning to pull in, then going "nahh, just a few more minutes" and buggering off again.

    LOL, I just had to share that :)
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  2. Good on ya Gobbers, addictive isn't it?
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  3. Excellent work - keep at it, keep enjoying it :)
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  4. Yep, it is. I'm like a kid again.... "Come on dad, just five more minutes, pleeeeeeease!"

    I decided to have a beer now. 0 BAC will make sure I don't desert the family for the rest of the arvo LOL
  5. Forgot to mention my favourite part of the experience. Somehow ended up in the left lane at a set of traffic lights with my lane ending about 50m past the lights. Poor planning, totally my fault and left me in a predicament I didn't want.

    I'm still a noob so taking off still needs concentration, but I had to merge, so what am I gonna do? I'm on a bike, so I should be able to get in front right? Light goes green, get a little bit of confidence, give it some gas and I'm at 60 without really thinking about it, with the cage left for dead. Awesome feeling!
  6. v star power )
  7. It's great isn't it? I've done a bit over 1000K in the last couple of weeks since I broke the same promise to myself that I'd stick to the back streets on my first ever ride.

    I now begrudge the time spent off the bike in order to eat and sleep and my alcohol consumption has dropped off to almost nothing...

    Keep learning and having fun.

  8. No need to take the piss out of the bloke.
  9. Sticking to the back streets is just too hard. There's only so many times you can go round those same corners before you just want to give it a boot up the main drag and see what happens. Once you've done that, you might as well just go a bit further LOL

    Almost ended up on the freeway, but decided to save that for another day. 80kmh will have to do for now.
  10. Hehe I like reading these ones...

    A little at a time Gobber, and before you know it you'll be throwing a clean pair of socks in a backpack and riding off for a few days to find the good roads...
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  11. Yeh just keep pushing the envelope. I've found that every situation I avoided because I though it might be too difficult for me at my level has been nowhere near as scary as I imagined once I actually did it, to the point now where there's not a lot of everyday riding situations around here I'm nervous about, even after the short time I've been riding. Helps a lot to have pre-existing traffic management skills I think.

    B@st@rd! I'm jealous in the extreme, we're 80K limited down here, although, being very inexperienced, I've found I tend to overshoot the mark quite a bit when I'm merging.:wink:

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  12. Addictive it is!!! I couldn't get on the bike this weekend and was jealous with envy at every bike that I saw on the road!! Particularly today, as I took the family to Wivenhoe Dam!! Insert head slap here!!

    But at least I quietly classed the outing as an exploration exercise for a future ride
  13. Well done Gobberwart. The best part though is that the more you do it, the more fun it becomes.

    Beware though, it is addictive and some of your old non riding friends won't understand. But, after a while you may suddenly find that most of your friends are motorcyclists.
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  14. :D Have fun and Ride Safe! This thing is addictive and can seriously jeopardize relationships!

    I think all bikes should have a Statutory Warning labels attached "Please treat with caution. Bikes are seriously addictive and can jeopardize relationships. If you want to Quit - contact TAC"

    And you got a V-Star 650. You ROCK! (y)
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  15. Thanks all for the positive comments. I know I'm being a total noob but I don't care, it's fun and I'm enjoying it, so it's good to find people who will indulge me, and slap me around if I get too silly lol
  16. Mate riding is one of the best things in life :) its like being free as long as your ride.. Just ride mate and enjoy the freedom :)
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  17. Another thing I just remembered- less than a minute after I rode out my driveway on my first time ever on the road another motorcyclist nodded to me, and I managed to nod back! It felt even better to be part of it all from that moment.

  18. Nice. I thought another rider nodded at me on my way home from the dealership, but I was too focused on what I was doing to be sure. I may have managed a head-wobble back :)