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Holy crap !! going back on the VTR250 !!.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. After three weeks of riding the MONSTER, today I picked up my VTR250 from SCMC after getting the clutch replaced and fluids serviced !

    Getting back on the VTR250 has surprised me ! :shock:

    Its not trying to throw me off the back seat.
    I'm not slapping the tank.
    Its quiet as !
    Its responsive and smooth.
    It soaks up the bumps.
    And it weaves in and out of traffic like a push bike !!
    The seat and handle bars are so narrow.

    I've become so use to the agressiveness of the MONSTER the VTR feels so light and pushbike like. It feels like I can do stunts on it being so light and easy to handle.

    Now, do i part off with her and replace her with a Vespa or Gilera Runner 200 or do I keep her as the commuter ? . . . .i've got this Italian thing going ! :eek:

  2. Horses for courses....we all need more than one bike.
    Just think, this is the start of your 5 bike garage.
    There is still room for a serious cruiser, a tourer, a big naked and motard...damn that's 6..which one will I have to get rid of. ;)
  3. Keep the VTR or get a scooter ?? :shock:
  4. depends.
    if your over the VTR or just feel like something new, then it might be an opportunity to try out the scttoers. But if your not fussed and are happy with tht VTR then dont bother realising the capital loss and just stick with it.
    personally, i'd go the scooter.
  5. I have a VTR250 and i totally understand what your saying

    I just wish they would bring out a VTR500 which is a little bigger with a bit more grunt, yet keeping the same sort of design layout.

    Why would you want to get a scooter for?
  6. Not A ‘VTR500’, but Suzuki make the SV650, both in faired & unfaired.
    Lot of riders regard them as a girl’s bike, but I don’t.

    Massive amount of tricky parts available for these bikes too. From mild to wild.
  7. I used to think that too.

    Then I bought a 750 monster.

    Now it doesn't seem important.

    However, the sooner Feb 18 arrives and I can ride the damn thing, the better.
  8. At the moment I have both bikes in the basement work carpark, they look so cute together actually, parked facing each other like the Picese symbol . . . LOL

    This afternoons big question is !

    Which bike do I ride home ? :LOL:

    The plan is to Train it to work tomorrow morning so the other stays home.

  9. Nah mate, ya got it all wrong!!

    What ya needs to do is, sell the tiny VTR, buy a huge bike (litre or above) ride that for a bit, then go back to the monster.

    You'll be like "Wow! the Duc is tiny!!" and you'll be happy as! (plus you'll have a bigger bike! win-win!)

  10. No no no no no, you've all got it all wrong!

    What you need to do it modify a car so that handle bars come out through the roof, stradle the roof of the car and ride that for a while, then downgrade to a harley davidson fatboy so you cant treat it like it was made for the track.
  11. Tim !
    I told you so many times !!
    I'm not converting to become part of the FJ1100/1200 gang !!!
    Sitting on your bike is as far as i'm going !!! :p

    Out in the central western plains it may be applicable . . .but in the cool and hip Sydney surrounds, its all about style ! hahahah :LOL:

    I had this vision the other night.
    Wouldn't it be cool if I open the garage and see a red Monster, a red Vespa GT250ie and a red Alfa 147 Selespeed (i would have liked to say Red Maranello 550, but then you'll all think i'm dreaming !!! hahaha). :p


    ciao !
  12. mickyb,

    you are a knob! I have told you the solution to your problems soo many times, I think I am just going to have to tell you again!


  13. I jump on one every few weeks after riding the blackbird and it's like riding a pocket bike, but they are fun to ride, also like the V twin on the vtr.
  14. Hey if ur selling ur VTR250, I'll buy it! :D
  15. Actually I have two other people interested in it, and I have not even advertised it.

    One person was a salesman at Scooteria :shock:, yeah - I did look at Gilera Runners and VespaGT250s on the weekend. The salesman knows someone who wants a VTR250. When I told him it was faded black, we got even more interested because thats what his friend wants ! A late model (with tacho) VTR250 in matt-black !

    I'm giving myself 4weeks to decide. ;)
  16. hey mickyb..

    you have a theme of vtwins there.

    get over to frasers and test ride a 900 or better still the 1200 buell (or if youre dead set on that italian stuff... a S4 *sigh*). then you will realise how small the 620 is. after all it can be learner legal as well.

    my gal has the vtr and although a fantastic little bike, it jsut does nothing for you after you ride 1200cc.

    then for sure hte 620 will be your commuter bike and you will be craving the grumble of hte BIG vtwin. :)
  17. So which do you like more? or find more fun? the vtr or the monster?

    I'm just curious cause i wanna upgrade and wanna see what you think?
  18. hey twoguns !
    I hear ya buddy !
    The VTR isn't like is use to be when I first bought her in March this year. As I said earlier, I can see myself doing stunts on it because i'm finding it so light and chuckable ! The only reason i'd be keeping it is for the tight-ass factor, 370+km out of a tank in Sydney commuter traffic is hard to pass by . . . unless I want to stand out from the crowd and get a red Vespa GTS250ie ! :p
    . . . imagine that, riding with leathers and urban camo Draggins around Syd on a Vespa ! hahahaha

    livingstonest, bypass the VTR if you want to upgrade to a bigger bike. The VTR250 and Monster 620ie are in two separate categories altogether, you can't compare them.

    I do however find the VTR very smooth and precise upto 100km/h! I can really see the Honda quality showing.