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Hollywood is running out of new ideas . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Good to see the return of an old classic.
    Watched the trailer on YT
    Had to laugh at the oggy knobs :LOL:
  2. +1 on the Last Starfighter remake.

    Based on the technology that they could use now, this would be awesome.
  3. The Last Starfighter would have been one of the first CGI animated movie. I cannot think of any other movie from the early 80s (except for TRON) where CGI was used. I had it downloaded the other weekend and i've been watching it a few times, its a classic . . . . . you have been recruited by the star league to defend the frontier against Zurr and the Codan armada . . :grin:
  4. Tron was the first movie I ever remember being sorely disappointed with as a kid.

    Don't get me wrong. I love movies that are so bad they are good, but it has scared me so bad I don't think I could even watch the remake from an irony point of view.
  5. tron aint a remake, it is a sequel. Jeff bridges is back in his old character and I think it is his son who gets sucked in the machine.

    I've already ordered my lightcycle
  6. semantics!

    it's the bastardization of nostalgia for a quick buck.
  7. yes it is semantics - remake and sequel are two different words with two different meanings. The sequel's story line follows on from the original, it is not a retelling of the same story. Not much point asking for an apple when I really want a banana then blaming semantics now is there?

    But you may have a point regarding the bastardization of nostalgia for a quick buck. Many times it has failed.

    but I hold out hope for this SEQUEL - the characters faces are reminiscent of customisable avatars on 3D shootemups - classy touch in the crazy crazy computer world.
  8. Hollywood ran out of new ideas a long time ago - because they don't need them. When people go out in droves to goggle at the latest remade movie or tv show or the latest awful sequel, why take a risk on a new story?

    Bitter, much? :)
  9. Americans have better sheep than the rest of the world - whatever mainstream Hollywood says is good enough for their audiences.
  10. I got hold of a copy of the last starfighter on the weekend. Oh what memories.

    My wife sat there going this is crap........ I guess she just does appreciate good cinema. :shock: :grin:
  11. Tron wasn't nearly a hit at the time, but became something of a cult movie in the years since. Almost nobody had or knew about computers at the time. People even thought there was no story, but there was. Not a sophisticated
    one but good enough. I found it very alluring too because of the stunning world they created at the time (not nearly outright CGI - some Disney animation and compositing all rolled in to a visual masterpiece).

    If this trailer is anything to go by, they've realised that the Lightcycles were almost the stars of the show. The sequence in the clip is fabulous.

    If done right (and the trailer shows class) this could be an excellent flick. There seems to be a commendably restrained but evolved feel and look that does the original justice.

    Avoid if you're too desperately adult to just enjoy sights and sounds of the ride with a decent enough story.

    Of course you couldn't rule out them making a complete disaster either, since that's almost the norm these days. But if they get it right it should be a real treat.
  12. Am I the only one who watched TRON who found the MCP a disappointment? I was expecting something a bit more sinister than the rather lame animation they came up with.
  13. Yeah, that was rather a bit too cartoony. Marvin the Martian in the Bugs Bunny cartoons was more sinister looking.
  14. I'm 22 and what the hell is Tron, you old bastards.....

  15. Er yeah, and the same shit ends up in Cinemas here and in the UK. Dunno what that makes the seppo's any worse.
  16. There's a downloadable demo of the TRON 2 game from a just a few years ago that has the Lightcycles level. Simple controls and gameplay, but free, fun and looks neat.

    200 MB (there might be the smaller one, about 160, still around).

  17. Consider the hedging of bets in U.S. test screenings of movies.
    They run an outcome past a test audience and if that particular audience doesn't like it then the producer panics and organises a different ending. What happened to taking a punt on the director's vision and just sticking to it as is? Of not pandering to a standard happy outcome but providing something different? The poor little audiences can't handle it.

    As well and slightly off topic but when it comes to comedic taste, american audiences find hilarity in the same old regurgitated, formulaic driven late shows such as Letterman, Leno, Conan etc that have been running for decades. No deviation for variety because it's just too risky. I've even seen "applause" signs light up when the camera has pulled back into the audience and a floor manager raising his arms up in the air to cue the audience to cheer. It's akin to a babboon inciting a troop of monkeys into a raucous howl.