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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kasino, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I've been reading the posts for awhile, which would make me a lurker i guess! Lots of great info on the forums.. Thought it was time to finally make a post. My name is Kris and I'm in Sydney, 31 and ride a Triumph Thruxton which I love. Was always interested in bikes and the idea of the freedom and the economy. Although the economy part doesn't really seem to be working these days! It costs me as much to register and insure my bike as my last car! But it's most definitely worth it.

    Hope to meet some of you on a ride soon!
  2. Welcome mate :), cya around
  3. Welcome in Kris :)
  4. G'day mate

    Love the Thruxton look so :worthlesspics:


    Fun Ha!
  5. Welcome Kris.
  6. willkommen!
  7. Holla?!?
  8. for a marshall
  9. ....for a marshall??? [Great minds think alike :LOL:]

    seriously, welcome Kris

    I remember seeing a Thruxton advertising photo-shoot in the CBD of Sydney some years ago; even without the leather-clad props, the bike looked just terrific
  10. Hopefully this works –


  11. Welcome mate bike looks sweet
  12. Nice! and Holla!
  13. actually, I got it wrong. should be one 'L' hola!