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Holla, from the GC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by nickerm, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    New rider, greeeeeen as grass. Just got my provisionals along with good buddy (shono, posted earlier) at the 2 day Q-ride.

    Obviously really eager to get my first ride and get out there, but also naturally cautious in my approach...to being out on the wide open and also in my bike selection.

    Being 6'3 and fluctuating between 105-115kg I am tending towards cruisers. Having ridden a mates yam xvs650 I'm smitten and am on the hunt for the same and within budget ($4000 - $5500 max). Have a few shortlisted, but many interstate.

    One pressing question - how much does a compete re-spray generally cost? I've found a bike that really fits my above description...just really the wrong tone for me [-(

    Anyway, look forward to the collective knowledge and wisdom floating around this forum.

    Nick on the Goldy.
  2. Welcome and good luck with bike hunting/riding. Not sure what it cost for a re spray, maybe someone else can help with that.
    I would be inclined to find a bike that suits and not spend any more money on it until you are ready for a big bike. First bike is really just to get some practice and hours under your belt and build your experience and love for riding.

    After that is when most people buy a bigger bike and spend their children's inheritance customizing it.

    Either way, welcome and good luck.
  3. Welcome aboard.
  4. Welcome to Netrider, Nick! +1 to what Biker Boy said. Spend the minimal amount on your first bike and shove everything you save into your upgrade. Good luck with your search, hope ya snag something awesome, the XV is a great looking bike. :)
  5. Thanks for the advice. Yes I agree, ride away no more to pay is best option for a new rider.

    Was wondering if I may borrow all cruiser lovers wisdom and insight into the following potential bikes/buys for my first wheels:

    Bike 1

    Bike 2

    Bike 3

    Comments weighing up the general condition of the bike, year, k's and asked price range vs. actual price should aim for....would all be very much appreciated.

    Obviously buying private is where I can get a bargain as a first bike buyer, trying to avoid dealerships but if there are bargains around on the lot then not going to be deterred.

    Not really concerned about freight costs for transporting the bike to me. So long as the bike is purchased for a good price can spend the extra.

    Thanks in advance Netriders :angel:
  6. Hi nickerm, welcome to NR. There are a number of Cruiser riders who may be able to give you advice (I'm not one of them, so, no point me talking about them). Check out the thread Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions. If you post some questions in there, you might get more people looking at it and answer your question. Good luck with it all.