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Holidays, electrics and sod's law

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. what with life being very busy these last few weeks, I hadn't ridden the bike for a while, so yesterday I got it out, and, unsurprisingly, found the battery a bit weak

    a lot weak, actually; it wouldn't clutch down our street, and pushing it back up the hill was a cardio workout even my Doctor would have tut-tutted

    So I tried jumper leads, nothing

    This morning, first day of the school holidays, I rushed round to the local battery place and bought a new battery

    this afternoon I put it in, turned the key, and, nothing.....

    checked any fuses I could find, one in the single lead to the heated grips (?) was blown, all the others were ok

    changed the blown one, still nothing

    so tomorrow, second day of the hoildays, I have to organise for my local mechanic to pick it up and fix it

    another riding day down the tubes

    ain't owning a mototcycle fun ? :LOL:
  2. Well obviously if jumper leads did nothing then a new battery wouldn't work. You need to trouble shoot a bit. Does the ignition come live with the new battery (ie. oil light etc)? If yes, first thing I'd do is short the solenoid and see if it turns over. If yes, look for sidestand/clutch switch/relay issues, if that checks out maybe its the starter solenoid.
    Get hold of a wiring diagram, a cheap multimeter will cost less than 10 min of a mechanics time and you can use it more than once............
  3. nope, no lights or anything with the new battery, that's why I went and looked for fuses; obviously the one I found blown and replaced isn't a major one.......
  4. Interesting. Fuses don't blow for no reason, could there have been a short in the heated grips that flattened the battery? Did you replace this fuse before you put the new battery in?
  5. Kill switch?
  6. Don't suppose there's a single, big main fuse hiding somewhere other than the fuse box? Mind you, if there is and it's gone, the question arises as to why........
  7. exactly!

    I've called my local motorcycle mechanic; he's going to come and get it and fix it!!
  8. I'd be interested to know what it was when you find out.
  9. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    Rode bike to work yesterday and it sounded like it ran out of fuel. Switched to reserve and it continued to run like crap and died a block or so from work.

    Since it sounded fuel starve i got LizzzyM to bring me fuel and tools. Put in fuel and tried to start but no go. However dribbling fuel into the cylender it would fire a few beats so I figured it was fuel starved. Continuing this process for a holf hour or so it finally started but still ran like Cr@p and eventually one cylender after another died and it eventually stopped. I figure ai have a tank of bad fuel.

    Anyhoo hired a trailer got it home and managed to drop it getting it off the trailer. As we tried to loosen one tie down i totally disengaged while the other side was still tight. Got away with minor scratch to the frame. But then a new problem. When I hit the starter nothing. Was thinking in terms of the switch that won't let the starter engage with bike in gear.

    But then read ibast's post and immediately though, OH sh!t. Went to garage and checked. Yep I was on the other side and when LizzyM picked up the bike she managed to hit the kill switch.

    OK So now I only have a fuel problem to deal with. Thanks ibast.
  10. Even though it is really stupid, it is always worth asking.