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Holiday to Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by woodsy109, May 13, 2007.

  1. My girlfriend has just suggested that we go on a holiday to Melbourne.

    She says "So is there anything you want to do down there?"

    and I say "Well funny you ask, because not so far from Melbourne there is this place called Phillip Island. There is beautiful scenery, fairy penguins and 'cough' a motorbike track."

    So anyway what I'm after is some advice. What is the best way to get to and from Phillip Island from Melbourne (we are flying from cairns) and is there really anything to see on the Island besides the track? Is it worth spending a night there? I have also noticed that the track day people really don't book too far in advance and considering that I will have to book flights a fair way ahead I think this might be an issue.

    Anyone with any advice?
    Shoot away....

  2. You can spend time down there no probs.. It is not exactly a stone throw from Melbourne CBD though. About 1.5 Hours roughly, so a hire car is going to be your option.

    It is a lovely place with plenty of tourist attractions around that part of Vic.

    You could quite easily spend a few days down there and do some sight seeing.

    And of course there is the track. Even us locals from Melb go there for holidays and stay a week sometimes..

    Hope that helps. If ya need anymore info yell out ..
  3. Penguin parade is a must do, Seal Rocks Centre is open again, wildlife park, A'maze n' things, Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island are all great too. I often take school camps to PI and have no trouble filling a couple of days. :)
  4. Then of course there's Garner's bike hire...

    Are you Woodsy off netrider? Either way, pop down to a Friday night NR coffee at Southbank, come meet some of the goons.
  5. No i'm not.

    Seems there is a few of us woodsy's getting around on bikes :LOL:
  6. Aquarium for life :p
  7. Ya think :grin:

    If you can afford the cash and the weather gods smile on your time down here http://www.garnersmotorcycles.com.au/

    as the others said theres a lot more to the island than just the track, also take a look up the peninsular as well http://www.visitmorningtonpeninsula.org/
  8. Since the op was about HOW to get there.

    From Mlb city, there are plenty of day tour buses, and even a coach to take you down there, and bring you back a few days later.

    2 hrs from mlb should see you there if you ride/drive, princes highway, bass highway, over the bridge and y0ou are almost there - follow the signs to the GP track once you get to Cowes.
  9. You can of course hire a bike (best option).

    You can hire a car and pick it up at the airport (easiest option).

    You can take the airport bus into the city and then take the V/Line service down to the island via the coach which will drop you in the centre of Cowes.

    As well as the things mentioned above there is very good fishing on WPB, either off the jetty's or hire a tinny (no license needed) or go out on a fishing charter for a half day or day.

    There are decent surf beaches on the south side of the island as well.

    Another option is the ferry/day tour to and around French island which is very interesting.
  10. I think you were looking for this...

    if you are unable to book in for the track day best bet is to... you could still have a pretty good time down on the isalnd.

    don't forget Wilson's Prom, is also down that way, so if you stay on the island it's only about another hour drive to the prom.

    In that case best way to get to the isalnd is car, so you have the freedom to drive around.
  11. Yeah I have seen the website and was planning to hire a bike there for a track day.

    Problem with their website is they only have dates for a month or two in advance. I might just have to ring them and find out if there is anything on when i'm going to be there.

    Sounds like we should just hire a car from the airport and drive straight there and maybe spend a night or two there. I think the missus mostly wants to see Melbourne so most of our time will be spent there I would say.

    Thanks for your help.


  12. One of the other attractions that the family and I found great fun was the sideshow carnival that starts at about 6pm of a night and goes untill about 11pm.... or you could visit the Vietnam war museum there (next to the PI airport).

    Just a couple of suggestions mate


  13. The carnies are gone...till next summer I guess.

    +1 on everything everyone's recommended here, but especially +1 on the track day. Give them a call to find out future dates.

    And give me a call when you get here. :) I'll be happy to show you guys around the island if you want... :)
  14. I think you would agree with me Rosie that the carnie workers are the side show. lol. The carnival probably goes for about 6 weeks too long, and I am not sure where the workers come from but you can smell when they are in town lol.

    The golf course is in great condition at the moment, if you like golf, it is a nice course to play. Plenty of nice places to eat as well if you stay for the night.
  15. Just don't go to the jetty... :LOL: hey Rosie :wink:
  16. lol. You mean the jetty restarant or the jetty over the water?
    Have never even thought about eating at the restarant, but know plenty of people who have done Nudie Jetty jumping after a night out at the Isle Of Wight Pub lol
  17. Yeah I meant the restaurant, Rosie had a particularly bad experience recently (as well as many other Netriders in recent times) :(

    :-k never been nudie jetty jumping, might have to give that a go :LOL:

    add that to your holiday in Melbourne :wink:
  18. Fireblade said:
    ?? Tell me :grin:
  19. I do a lot of fishin down that way and if you knew what was in and around the water near there you might think twice before Jetty Jumpin, nudie or otherwise. :eek:hno: